Review: DH Project – The Resurrection

A one man band is tough, but doable feat. Many modern metal acts have taken this route with a range of success from moderate popularity to cult status. With The Resurrection, the DH Project is heading in the latter direction.

Striking right out of the gate with snarling vocals, heavy and melodic riffs, and hard hitting drums and bass, the DH Project catches one’s eye within seconds. Fans of In Flames or As I Lay Dying will find much to enjoy with the trade-off between throaty growls and chunky riffs and perfectly timed clean vocals and explosive guitar solos.

An entertaining release cover to cover, the true strength of The Resurrection is its genre blurring delivery. With everything from the harmonic melodies and sheer brutality of melodic death metal to the breakdowns and clean/dirty vocals of metalcore, it’s clear, Daniel Hernandez, the man behind the DH Project, appreciates the heavy metal genre as a whole.

After listening through the entire EP four times consecutively, the only true complaint is that with its six songs running a combined total of just under 16 minutes, it is much too short and leaves the listener craving more. Here’s to hoping for a full album to follow soon. 9/10


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