Eternal Voyager is Back in Action

It’s been a year since Eternal Voyager unleashed their debut ‘The Battle for Eternity,’ but the Minnesota power metal outfit is far from done. With a new album in production and a revised lineup, Eternal Voyager is getting ready the hit the pavement.

“A lot of new things happened,” says vocalist and guitarist, Brian Blake, in reference to the enlistment of a new drummer and lead guitarist, Mike Durenburger and Kurt Johnson, as well as new material on the horizon. “Everyone cares about this band and the music is better than ever.”

A revolving door lineup has been the bane of the band’s existence for much of its history causing a four year gap between their 2010 EP ‘Vagabond’ and 2014’s ‘The Battle for Eternity.’ Fortunately, the band has finally found the right lineup and is powering forward with a new album, as well as touring ambitions that include negotiations to join Warbringer and Enforcer on their upcoming North American tour. In the meantime, the band has booked a performance at the Northern Wisconsin Metalfest, and a few bar shows around the Twin Cities. Blake also states his ambition to break into the Milwaukee scene and his hope to perform alongside established acts such as Conniption and Mercy Isle.

“We’re ready to do something. We’re ready to get in people’s faces. We’ve worked hard to get this far and we’re ready,” says Blake in regard to itch to take the band beyond the Twin Cities.

While Eternal Voyager is putting a good deal of focus on playing live shows and building their fan base, they’re also working on their upcoming album. Vocalist and keyboardist, Micah Devereaux, shared an exclusive sneak peak at an unfinished song entitled ‘Tyrants.’ For longtime Voyager fans, you’re going to notice heavier riffs and increased technicality in the drums and rhythm section. Rest assured, the may have evolved, but at its core, this is still Eternal Voyager.

“The direction is different, but not too far from the original Voyager sound,” says Blake, while Devereaux adds. “I’m feeling really positive now that we’re getting a product that we can finally hear. It’s going to be a little bit different and a little bit bigger sounding, but more streamlined. We’re very excited about it. This band sounds better than it ever has.”

Given the intensity and complex storyline of the previous album, there’s little doubt that the forthcoming follow up will meet or exceed expectations. As with the previous album, Devereaux will once again be lending his artistic talents by creating the cover art. This time, however, he will be expanding his input by producing the album in the band’s home studio, as well as adding his keyboard skills. As for the storyline, the heroic, time travelling Voyager will be making a return, but with some subtle changes.

“We’re going to carry on the storyline. It’s a rough, loose concept based on mythology,” says Blake. “The two albums are going to be night and day.”

Due in part to their songs “Holy Warrior” and “The New Jerusalem,” the band received a bit of scrutiny with some writing the band off as religious. Blake has since fired back stating that the story is a metaphor for good vs. evil, and freedom vs. tyranny. As such, the new album is promises to be less philosophical and more straight to the point in its meaning, while still delivering an epic power metal concept.

Currently, there is no date for the new album, for the band is taking their time to perfect their songs. Given that only a year has passed since their latest release, this decision is acceptable on the grounds that an album of superior quality is on the way.  In the meantime, fans will have to check the band’s Facebook and official webpage for updates on the album and shows. Chances are the band just might play a few of their new songs to test crowd reaction, so that they can better tweak the final sound. Until then, here’s to hoping the next Eternal Voyager album is as good, or better, than their stunning debut.

Because hearing is believing – Eternal Voyager – This Battle’s Not in Vain



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