Vegan Black Metal Chef – The Most Metal Cooking Show on Earth

Black metal and veganism are two things that few would ever think to put together. That all changed when Brian Manowitz, better known as the Vegan Black Metal Chef, came onto the scene with a blending of his two greatest passions.

The Black Metal Chef show began four years ago after a decade of Manowitz living a vegan lifestyle. He attributes going vegan to an old flame, but the show came about from his love of cooking tasty meals and all things black metal.

“I thought about doing a cooking show, but cooking shows are boring and they put me to sleep. So I made the cooking show I wanted,” says Manowitz. “My food tastes fucking amazing, it’s not that difficult to do, and it’s cheap as hell. Basically, three things that people think veganism isn’t.”

More than a cooking show, Black Metal Vegan Chef is a musical project as well, making for a unique blend of two very different forms of entertainment. To maximize the appeal to metal heads, Manowitz dons the black and white corpse paint, leather and chain garments, and wields sharp objects ranging from hunting daggers to axes to achieve make the most metal vegan meals you’ve ever seen. To drive the theme home, purposely written black metal music is played over the videos with Manowitz using his lyrics to explain his actions on film.

“Everything is me, I do everything. It’s just me and a tripod for the filming, and the music creation is me. I hand play all the instruments and program the drums. I record, mix and master everything.”

To write, star, and produce a cooking show alone is no easy task, but to write and perform unique music in addition is a step beyond the norm, yet Manowitz makes it all happen time and again. All that he asks is that his fans remain patient, so that he can craft a quality production.

“Basically, I’ll film the video then I’ll edit it down for about two weeks, then I’ll write the music. When I feel the section is good enough, I’ll move on. After that I do the vocals, do the final editing and it’s done,” says Manowitz on a process that can take up to and beyond a month.

Currently, there are 19 numbered episode, two special edition episodes, and a handful of mini-vlog episodes that “sort of don’t deserve its own episode” because they’re more so behind the scenes and made up of old, and sometimes previously used, material. Currently, Manowitz is working on the 20th episode, which will end the second season, which has consisted of episodes 11 through 20. For the third season, he plans to up the ante with a guest on each episode, whether it’s in a musical or cooking role depends on the guest, but all will hail from the fledging international metal community in a bid to beef up ratings and provide for a better show.

“I want to take everything to the next level, no more half ass editing. I want to incorporate more people, delegate more things, and focus on what I do best to make it better,” says Manowitz, showing superior dedication to the show.

Though technically untrained in the culinary arts, Manowitz has scored a publishing deal for the Black Metal Chef cookbook and is running a kickstarter campaign as well as working with a Swiss publisher to publish the book in Europe. To promote the book, he will be embarking on an all expenses paid book tour throughout Europe. Meanwhile, he’s putting what time remains into the second album of first love, Forever Dawn, a black metal project infused with industrial elements.

“I have only my debut album out for it. I’ve actually been doing the Forever Dawn stuff for quite some time, although I’ve only recently, a year or a year and a half ago, released the first album. I’m working on a new stage show to hopefully go on a national or international tour,” says Manowitz in regards to his other project.

Like the Black Metal Chef show, Manowitz is the sole member of the production team. A multi-instrumentalist, he performs all of the music, except for drums, which he sequences, writes the lyrics, and mixes the music. Despite all of this, he plans to take the band out of the studio and onto the stage.

“It’s typically a three piece and I even sequence the drums, because the industrial aspects go really well with sequenced drums. Usually it’s just me on guitar and vocals with a keyboardist and bassist.”

Using the success of Black Metal Chef as a springboard opportunity for Forever Dawn, Manowitz plans to bring Forever Dawn to European audiences following, or perhaps during, his book tour. With any luck, both of his projects will become international success, but we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, look forward to episode 20 of the Black Metal Chef, the Black Metal Chef cookbook, and the second full length album from Forever Dawn.


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