It’s a Long Road Ahead, but Archiver is Pushing the Limits

Emerging in the winter of 2015, Archiver has become a staple in the Milwaukee metal scene. With their debut EP just around the corner, the band has a made it clear that they’re in for the long haul, even as frustrating circumstances continually threaten their path to success.

With their EP just months away and the mastered tracks finally making their way back home, Archiver has been riding high on the wave of success, even with the departure of their keyboardist, Nicklaus Rueda. But just as the band filled the void left in Rueda’s wake, the band took another blow, suddenly losing their bassist, Jeff Kamenick, to personal issues that couldn’t be resolved while still devoting time to the band. Unfortunately, Kamenick’s departure has left the band in a tough place and they’re actively seeking someone to complete the roster once more.

“We’ve asked a few and haven’t heard much yet. It’s a great opportunity because we have an EP coming out in October. It’s not like, hey, you want to be in this little band, because it’s not. We’re working really hard,” says lead vocalist, Thomas Grim. “Whoever joins us on bass has got quite the opportunity. We’re not messing around.”

While Grim’s optimistic attitude can be easily misinterpreted, his words are grounded in the fact that they’re becoming more a fixture in the Milwaukee scene and they’re already working on a full length album, which is promised to continue the horror theme with a concept album.

“I’m not going into detail but it’s about slasher villains from 1974 to 2001. All of the important ones,” says Grim. “It’s not just about them. I’m going to be throwing things in there like morals that kind of go with them. So you’ll be like damn!”

“Each song has the sound of the serial killer. For Jason, I wrote it really slow and heavy because he’s slow, but he’ll kill you out of nowhere. It’s kind of magical,” adds guitarist, Jacob Stone.

While Grim is busying himself with writing the lyrics, Stone and his counterpart, Vendetta Zakk, are writing what is promise to be the best work out of Archiver yet. Of course, that’s saying a lot, for a recent sampling of the band’s magnum opus ‘Mansions’ says the band is going to have to work extremely hard to outdo their debut EP. Regardless, drummer, Justin Townsend, is confident that the album will outshine the EP in every way.

“I can definitely say earnestly it’s our heaviest stuff and our most dramatic. Everything on our EP is basically exemplified. We’re growing for sure. We’re taking a lot of time too,” says Townsend, while Vendetta Zakk adds that when he and Jacob get together, it’s always gold.

“It sucks to play, though. It’s super hard. It’s definitely a workout on the hands.” Stone says with a laugh, for it there’s one thing that Archiver does well it’s the technicality of their music.

Though the new album is well over a year away, the band vows not to recycle a single track from the EP. As for the EP, it’s expected to be released around their upcoming Halloween show, but fans might have to wait until then to see Archiver live due to the lineup issue. But when Archiver does finally hit the stage again, don’t expect a simple performance. From what we’ve seen in the past, the band has built quite the reputation with custom lighting, pressure sensitive light boxes, and a powerful stage presence from Grim. That being said, Archiver is one band you don’t want to miss in the coming months. Let’s just hope Vendetta Zakk doesn’t stomp through the light box again.


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