Diamond Lane – West Coast Rockers With the Pedal to the Metal

Los Angeles is a one of a kind city. It’s been drawing in the best in entertainment for over a century and it’s not letting up. Countless bands head to the City of Angels to make their mark, but few are doing it quite like Diamond Lane.

Originally hailing from Northern California, Diamond Lane released a full length debut album and an extended play before making the decision in 2009 to migrate down to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of rock’n’roll stardom. Like so many bands before them, they’ve had their share of triumph and tragedy until releasing their sophomore effort ‘World Without Heroes’ in 2011.

“What’s really interesting about being in a such a big music Mecca like Los Angeles, you see how the community changes year after year, because you’re getting a new influx of people coming from around the world, all fighting for the same thing. Since we’ve been here, we’ve seen a whole crop of new bands come, leave, breakup, dissolve. There are very few bands still standing since we’ve come out here,” says lead vocalist, Brandon Baumann.

The secret to Diamond Lane’s survival and success in such a tough city for hungry bands is their wide variety of influences. Everything from Black Sabbath and Motley Crue to Alice in Chains and Pantera influences the band. Of course, enjoying someone else’s work and taking influence is only half the battle. The other secret to the band’s success is dedication and belief in what they’re doing is right for them.

“There’s no secret that there’s hundreds of thousands of bands fighting for the little attention given out by the higher powers. I think it’s a continual challenge. It never really goes away. First and foremost, you got to believe what you’re doing. If you’re not buying your own shit, no one else is,” says Baumann. “We just think about hitting the gas and doing things our own way.”

Diamond Lane is certainly buying their own work, for 2014 saw the release of their latest full length ‘Terrorizer,’ which pushes the envelope with a style that blurs the line between hard rock and heavy metal to keep the fans guessing and wanting more.

“When people ask ‘what do you sound like?’ that’s always difficult to answer. My perception on the words I’d use might mean something different to someone else. I’d say classic metal fits well. I would say we cross the line between of something old and something new.”

When it comes to a rocking one of the biggest music scenes in the world, it takes a bit more than a couple of great albums to keep your fans, but Diamond Lane has that figured out. According to Baumann the biggest way to gain success and respect in the scene is to truly hone your music and your stage show. Having a powerful stage presence as well as impressive music is the only way to stand out from the pack and that’s one thing that Diamond Lane excels at with their no nonsense rock’n’roll fundamentals and dominant stage presence.

“The live show is where we shine the most. Bringing people out of their ordinary lives to have a special moment with  hundreds of other people looking for a little party, a little escapism, a little release from what they have going on. Everyone binding together, that energy is just so palatable and to be onstage and conduct that party, that is what we live for. To be one in the same with the audience is special for us, because if we weren’t on the stage, we’d be in the crowd.”

Rockers to the core, Diamond Lane brings together an explosive live performance and masterfully written music to make for the best live experience possible, which Baumann describes simply as “maximum energy.”

“We put it all out on the table. The fact of the matter, there are so many countless days, months of hard work that go into just having that 45 minutes to really shine. We leave it all out there. We’re talking high energy, smiles, banging our heads, pumping our firsts, having a damn good time.”

Currently, the band is coming off a West Coast tour with their good friends, Delta Rose, having played the Big Bash in West Hollywood and Hemp Fest in Seattle. The band has big plans for 2016 with a possible tour stretching into the Midwest and Southwest. In the meantime, they’re hard at work on their follow up to ‘Terrorizer.’

“We’re really excited. We worked really hard and we’re careful on our selection. One thing we’re trying to do is never repeat ourselves, so we’ve carefully crafted a great batch of songs. We demoed out 25 and whittled it down to 10 and 8 of those will be on the album. We’re really excited about the next album. We want to raise the bar for ourselves and our fans because they deserve top notch excellence. We’re challenging ourselves. We want to write better songs.”

The new album aside, the band has their eyes set on new horizons outside of the United States as well.

“Overseas, I feel like the blood thirst for all things that rock never left. If they are as rabid as the stories and the videos show then I’m excited to show them what we’ve got in front of their face,” says Baumann with a chuckle.  “So many people tell us you gotta get to Europe and Japan, they’d be all about it, and our numbers don’t lie. Overseas, we have a moved a lot of records and have a nice following. That’s an opportunity we look forward to taking advantage of when it comes across the table. Once we can align those stars, it’s gunna be a great time.”

Getting across the ocean is no easy task. Baumann laments that getting five musicians, their equipment, and their crew over to another continent is simply out of the band’s budget for the time being, but should they score a record deal that just might change. And though the band has gotten its fair share of bites, they haven’t found the right offer just yet. So, in the meantime, they’re focused on building their fan base at home and abroad using social media and live shows, but one thing they’re keen on avoiding is falling into the trappings of the modern age.

“Do it organically, do it honestly. These days, it’s really easy to get sucked into buying likes and views, but that doesn’t do anything, those are fake numbers. Creating human connections and building relationships that last a life time, that’s the ticket. If you’re trying to fake the funk, you’re going to get weeded out real fuckin’ fast.”

As already stated, the next step for the band is to find a record label to help them cross the oceans and expand their touring. The next opportunity could be weeks, months, and even years away, so in the meantime, Diamond Lane will be focused on building the Diamond Lane experience and creating great music. For those in the American South and Midwest, keep an eye out for Diamond Lane. They just might be in town before you know it.


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