H1N1 – A Dominant Force in Southeast Wisconsin

Describing one’s own music as “heavy, weirdly goofy, and horrible at the same time,” is a strange way to make a name for yourself in the metal world, but for Milwaukee’s H1N1, it’s a joke meant to draw you in.

Coming from a varied background, but united by their tastes in metal, Milwaukee’s own H1N1 formed in 2010 as a heavy metal band fusing numerous forms of metal into a ferocious beast that’s best described as  “heavy metal with elements of groove and industrial.” Blending elements of thrash, groove, nu, metalcore, and even hip-hop to an extent, the band has certainly crafted themselves a unique style.

Like many independent bands, H1N1 has been cursed by time and money constraints, and so fans have had to wait a full two years before the release their debut demo in 2012. To make matters worse, the involvement of many of its members in other bands, including thrash favorites, Slug Shell, the band was mostly shelved until 2015. Now back in the saddle, the band has switched up their lineup and released a new demo entitled ‘The Rest of These Songs Are in Another Castle.” After quick listen to ‘Silent Convictions (S.S Departed)’ and ‘Helewe’, the band has certainly improved with time and is sure to become a mainstay in their scene. Of course, now that they’re fully focused on this project and nothing more, the band has bigger plans.

While they’re hard at work writing their debut EP, which will consist of a few fresh tracks and some old ones reworked, the band is focusing on building their reputation through live shows. Since their return, they’ve played many of Milwaukee’s major venues and opened up for Saliva and Anomaly, greatly increasing their exposure. But unsatisfied with playing just their hometown, the band is already expanding into the neighboring states and is even planning a tour that will stretch from Milwaukee to Pittsburgh.

Following their tour, the band expects to have their debut EP written and recorded within six months, but we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, if you’re interested in seeing them live, you’re going to have to make the trip up to Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois or check their Facebook page for the latest touring information.

To experience H1N1 firsthand, check out their demo on bandcamp!



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