Final Sign – Power Metal from the Southern USA

Three years after laying the groundwork, North Carolina’s Final Sign is gearing up to unleash their debut album to the metal masses. Though the album isn’t out just yet, here’s everything you need to know about this American metal machine.

A combination of power metal, traditional heavy metal, and thrash, Final Sign is a band that is blending many influences from a long collective career in the music industry. This combination of three distinct styles may have some scratching their head, but lead vocalist Shawn Pelata has no doubt fans will enjoy their unique brand of heavy metal music.

“We’ve all been doing this a long time and have played together before and played different styles of metal and rock music. But, as Final Sign, we definitely stay true to the foundations of heavy metal.”

Long before Pelata had joined the band, guitarist, Brian Williams had written an album’s worth of material for the band. Pleased with what he had created, he brought it to bassist, Howard Baker. A year later Pelata was recruited as the band’s vocalist and lyricist, and Final Sign was born. The band instantly clicked, for according to Pelata, all of the members had longstanding friendships and had played together in numerous bands prior to Final Sign.

“Brian and I played together in K-Octave, Brian and Kevin played in Obey Bizar, and Kevin and I played in Trampled Underfoot together,” explains Pelata. “So, we all have known each other for a long time. When the opportunity came to come together and make some Metal we all jumped on it.”

Building off a solid musical foundation reinforced by an iron will, Final Sign has not suffered a lineup change. Pelata remarks that early on before the band was official there were something of a revolving door lineup, but the band that materialized into Final Sign has been solid with no signs of breaking apart. This solid foundation is provided by a band that holds no one member above any other.

“We all draw upon our love of metal and our chemistry together to create the sound we do. I draw inspiration from Brian’s riffs, or from Kevin’s and Howard’s rhythms and changes…that affects my vocal delivery. We exchange ideas all the time and influence each other,” says Pelata, but of course the band has not been without its fair share of challenges.

            “We had scheduling issues, long stretches of time where none of us were able to work on things, personal issues, etc. Life happens,” Pelata says with a shrug. “There were times when we really thought it was dead in the water. But Brian and I would talk and we decided the band could not be left behind.”

With their debut album ‘Hold High the Flame’ releasing this Halloween through Divebomb Records, the band’s willingness to power through the muck and succeed as a band has certainly paid off. Pelata explains that unlike other power metal bands his lyrics are based more on the world he sees around him, but written in an allegorical style.

“There’s usually an underlying theme within a song, even if it may not be apparent when you first hear it. It’s usually just my perspective on how I feel about something, or an idea, told in a way that fits the music.”

Basing this opinion off the two songs already released through the band’s Bandcamp page, ‘Hold High the Flame’ is certainly going to strike well with the progressive and power metal crowd. But don’t expect swords and wizards from these guys, their sound may be power, but their look is unquestionably traditional American heavy metal.

“We aren’t really a makeup and firebomb kind of band. We’re a denim and leather kind of band. Like I said, we’ll get up there, plug in and do our thing. The main thing will always be intensity. If we can put forth the intensity and the energy, we won’t need to rely on anything else. If we feel it, the audience will feel it as well,” says Pelata, so expect “wall to wall metal energy. No make-up, no costumes, no nonsense.”

Now that the album is ready for mass consumption the band is getting ready to perform more frequently. At this point in time, however, there are no plans for extensive touring in 2015. Instead, the band is more focused on promoting the album, connecting with venues, promoters and journalists, and coordinating their schedules for the coming year. Least to say, 2016 is going to be a big year for Final Sign. Until then we’re going to have to enjoy their debut album.


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