Krystalyan – Melodic Death Metal from Quebec

Sometimes the lust for fame through music takes a band down a strange path. From pop rock to melodic death metal, Eastern Canada’s Krystalyan has transformed into a monster of band that is quickly gaining attention in the French-Canadian scene.

Formed in Lac-St-Jean, Quebec in the winter of 2011 by longtime friends Bryan Bergeron, Karl Fortin, and Christopher Treamblay, Krystalyan began as a commercial pop rock band. After learning a few cover songs, the band quickly realized that they were having more fun drinking beer and hanging out than playing popular rock tunes. Not long after they decided it was time to get serious and play the music they truly loved – melodic death metal.

A farcry from their origins as cookie-cutter pop rock band, the modern sound of Krystalyan came from a deep well of inspirations including blues, rock, melodic death metal, brutal death metal, ska, classical, and power metal. These seemingly incompatible styles come together to form the unique sound that is Krystalyan.

Shortly after greatly altering their sound, the band altered their lineup by adding a lead guitarist and a bassist. Unfortunately, those positions became the center of the band’s troubles, for each position suffered from the dreaded revolving door until the band recruited Yannick Tremblay on lead guitar and Raymond Werugia on bass in 2014. From that point on the band has had a solid lineup that persists to today.

Since stabalizing their lineup and performing a handful of shows and contests, the band recorded their debut album entitled ‘Undefined.’ According to vocalist and lyricist, Bryan Bergeron, the main theme is mental health and personal trajedy.

“At different levels we all experience destabilizing situations that throw us into deep introspection and a search for clarity. That’s what we wanted to reflect in our lyrics. Something that pretty much anybody can relate to,“ explains Bergeron.

With such a deep lyrical theme behind their music, one could expect something extravagant from their band’s stage show, but Bergeron says different.

“We have not really tried to stand out. We had a dress code concept for a couple of shows, which was appreciated by some, but for the most part we just love playing live and we have the ability to make people move,” he remarks warmly. “What you see is what you get. We take pride in the fact that generally fans who have listened to the cd are not disappointed by our live performance. We project our vibe to the crowd, try to make them feel our music as we do and feed off the energy that they throw back at us. Up to now it has been one big party.”

Finding success through grassroots promotion of their debut album, the band has become a local fixture in their hometown. Of course, a band can only ride the wave of success for so long, and the boys of Krystalyan know this.

“Our top priority for now is to promote Undefined and grow our fan base, all while working to complete the creation phase of our next album. We have set up an official website/electronic press kit and are working to make it as complete as we possibly can. In addition to the music video for “delirium” we are also working on Lyric videos for certain tracks.”

Due to the fact that band’s next album is still in the creation phase little is known about what might be released in the future. For now, the band is testing out a few of the new songs by mixing them into their live shows. By doing this, the band hopes that dedicated fans will take notice of the new tracks and give them feedback before the recording phase.

At that this point in time the band is almost completely focused on the creation of new album, but they aren’t ruling out anything just yet. There could definitely be a major show or two before the year’s end, but being that the band, like so many others, is independent of a record deal, a lot of time and focus is put into producing the album themselves. Regardless, the band is putting their best foot forward and they’re already getting results.

“The creation part of the process seems to come pretty naturally. For recording we did all of the tracking work ourselves, and this presented many challenges that we had to overcome by trial and error. You should have seen the look on Ray’s face when he realized five songs into tracking that old rusty bass strings just don’t cut it for an album!” says Bergeron. “Getting it to the masses is an ongoing process that we are enjoying very much. Although it is very difficult to get attention when you’re not backed by a well known brand, we are finding that the music is generating some attraction all by itself, which is incredibly cool.”

Determined for this new album to come out swinging, Kystalyan is keeping the attention of their fans with a string of music videos. At this time only ‘Confusion’ has been made into an official video, but ‘Delirium’ is currently underway and the band promises a few lyric videos along the way. If that’s not enough to satisfy hungry fans, be sure to keep a sharp eye on the band’s Facebook for the latest news and shows. And though nothing is official, the band and some other regulars of the Quebec scene might be coming together this Halloween for “some drunk jamming for the fun of it.”

For more on Krystalyan check out their Facebook and official website


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