To Paint With Fire – American Metalcore on the Rise

Formed in the suburbs of Milwaukee in 2010 by a group of high school friends with a mutual love for heavy metal and hardcore punk, To Paint With Fire has become one of southeast Wisconsin’s most dedicated and well-known metalcore acts.

Before there was To Paint With Fire, vocalist, Matt Zigan, and guitarist, Max Olson, came together to form a pop-punk band in a fashion similar to Blink-182. This style of music is a farcry from what the band is doing now and the big change came in high school. The catalyst of change was the discovery of heavier music. This discovery led to the formation of To Paint With Fire and over the last five years they’ve greatly honed their music into a unique sound that Zigan describes as “an energetic fusion of metalcore with strong post-hardcore roots.”

Their growth as a band has been facilitated by a variety of influences and some major lineup changes over the years. But while losing a member or two can spell the end of a band, To Paint With Fire has braved the storm every time and made forward progress.

“In a five year history, we’ve had a ton of member changes but they always work out for the better of the band as a whole. Everything happens for a reason,” says Zigan, who says the band uses such struggles as fuel for their music. “We focus on conveying our personal experiences and emotions in a tight, heavy hitting package.”

Even with a high level of dedication and perseverance, the band has still had its fair share of strain, particularly with funding the production of their debut album “Stepping Stones.”

“Even with six members working as much possible outside of high school, expenses add up fast,” Zigan says, and though the price of recording time can be daunting the band put in every cent they could “to put out the best all around product we possibly could.”

With a full length album available to the public through numerous outlets and a second one on the way, the band is keeping busy. Not only have they released a video for their songs ‘Close Your Eyes’ and ‘Public Enemy,’ there’s a third video, this time for ‘Choke’, coming up soon.  As for their lyrics, don’t expect the same tired themes found all too often in modern music.

”Our inspiration is our personal experiences. We write only about what we can truly understand and all we do then is try to connect to others in the hopes of helping them through a similar problem.  Anything that we can possibility write about we do. We are constantly writing,” Zigan says proudly. “We have new music coming right around the corner. Hopefully we can start planning our sophomore release very soon.”

Coming off the heavy performance season, there is no set date for the new album, but fans can expect some news on that by year’s end. In the meantime, the band is focusing on writing new songs and planning their next tour. After touring six states previously, the band is hoping to link up with their pals, Narrow Hearts, and tour some new and familiar cities around the country. In the meantime, fans eager to catch a To Paint With Fire show will have to wait for an official update, but here’s what you can expect of the live show:

“We never put less than 110% into every single performance. No matter if it’s a festival stage or a friend’s basement show you’re going to see us give our all on stage,” says Zigan, as for what’s coming up in 2016. “We will be announcing more dates in even more states we’ve never played before. New Music. New Merch. Just a ton of new stuff.”


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