Eleventh Hour Onset – Another Set of Metalcore Heroes From Wisconsin

Like a few other bands in their scene, Eleventh Hour Onset began as a pop-punk band, but eventually ditched the light-hearted style for something with a bit more grit. Two years later, Eleventh Hour Onset is one of the most recognized metalcore bands in Southeastern Wisconsin.

The transition from pop-punk to metalcore wasn’t a seamless transition. With so many subgenres tacked onto Hardcore and Heavy Metal, the band was rather confused as to what they could call their music.

“For awhile there we were claiming post-hardcore because that was our thing. At the time we kind of didn’t know what sound we were going for. We knew we wanted to play post-hardcore, but we didn’t know what the fuck post-hardcore was. So after awhile we were just like, yeah, we play metalcore,” says vocalist and guitarist, Mikeal Dollak Posch.

The ultimate decision to become a metalcore band came from a slew of influences such as The Devil Wears Prada, The Amity Affliction, August Burns Red, and Beneath the Massacre. But even with all of those influences nothing influenced the band more than a band with the very same name, but had disbanded a decade before.

“We looked up to them completely growing up,” says Posch, in reference to the original Eleventh Hour Onset, which featured vocalist, Brad Wilson’s older brother.

The band’s influence on boys was so strong that they couldn’t get their minds off their style and name. Longer after the band broke up, they eventually conjured up the courage and asked if they could carry on the name. Sure enough, they received the best of wishes and took on the mantle of Eleventh Hour Onset.  From that point on, the second wave Eleventh Hour Onset was strictly a metalcore band and preparation of their debut album began. Though a majority of the band was still in high school and suffered from a lack of time and a revolving door lineup, by the 2014, the band’s debut album, ‘Nostalgia’ hit the internet giving the world a taste of what a group of high school kids from Racine, Wisconsin can do.

A solid album musically, ‘Nostalgia’ suffered from a major lack of production quality. Though there has been plenty of negative feedback in that regard, Posch remarks that the only complaints they really ever hear about the album is the production quality. That being said, few with an appreciation for their style of music couldn’t get past the production issues and not enjoy the album for what it’s worth.

“Overall, I think we got the best out of it. We put forth the full potential that we could,” says Posch, though the band is eager to avenge their reputation with their upcoming sophomore album ‘Prosperity and Promises.’

While ‘Nostalgia’ was very much about life experience, ‘Prosperity and Promises’ will be much more political and touch on the state of the world through the eyes of a band of Millenials. Some may be turned off by this revelation, but don’t expect an album that leans toward either side of political spectrum.

“That’s our take on the human condition right now,” says Posch regarding the album’s title. “We’re told everything is going to be ok. We’re America, we have the biggest military. Everyone is going to be fed and have healthcare…it’s all bullshit. We’re starting to realize that humans suck. We’re using things that really piss us off like religion and government and our own self anger.”

Bordering on the realms of bands like Rage Against the Machine, Bad Religion, and Slayer, the new album’s lyrical content is certainly going to offend some and appeal to others, but Posch isn’t concerned. In fact, the decidedly more hostile lyrics will play quite well into the band’s live show, which Posch describes as “a big mashup of fun and serious at once, but more fun that anything.”

Though the album is still in the works, the band has a lot in store to keep eager fans satisfied until ‘Prosperity and Promises’ releases such as an all new music video featuring a previously unreleased track and a companion behind the scenes video. The videos will be released sometime this winter and will hopefully spark renewed interest in the band as they prepare to launch into 2016 with a crowded touring schedule.

In preparation for hitting the road and touring much of the United States, Posch and Wilson are taking their spring semester courses completely online. Their hope is to free up as much time as possible to tour and record the new album in time for an early 2016 release.

“We’re finishing up the writing process right now. We’re going to be spending a lot of money on everything,” Posch says optimistically before jokingly saying, “early 2016 is what we’re hoping for, but with our luck it will be out late 2016.”

With a massive national tour, a couple new videos, and a new album sprinkled throughout 2016, the coming year is looking bright for the boys of Eleventh Hour Onset. Metalcore fans in the Midwest, East, and Deep South of the United States are about to become more acquainted with the band, and if all goes well, the band might even join Narrow Hearts for a tour of the Southwest. Least to say, this is one ambitious band that’s doing everything they can to make it to where they want to be.


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