Misteyes – Extreme Goth Metal From Italy

Europe is the undisputed home of heavy metal music. More great bands come out of this corner of the world than anywhere else. While Germany and Sweden is home base for much of the European scene, Italy has bred its fair share. Enter Misteyes.

Formed in 2012 after guitarists Daniele Poveromo and Riccardo Tremaioni met at a Korn show. After becoming a band, they decided to blend a wide variety of heavy metal music from death and black to goth, symphonic, and even Celtic folk into something fresh and unique. They then took on the name of Misteyes, which the band says reflects their music and lyrical content “perfectly,” for the band believes it reflects the human condition.

“Our eyes are surrounded by a mist that hides the truth and binds us to the physical reality of things and doesn’t let us go beyond,” says Tremaioni. “We define ourselves as ‘Light and Dark Metal’ because our music is mainly composed by two sides; the soft one and the extreme one that always mix and clash in our songs.”

This clash of light and dark is most noticeable in through the use of harsh male vocals and clean, operatic female vocals. Though this is nothing new to the modern metal scene, Misteyes is certainly not a run of the mill sort of band.

So far the band has only released a pair of demo tracks – ‘Brains in a Vat’ and ‘Lady Loneliness’. Though 2016 will see the release of the band’s debut album, the band has been held back from this achievement over the last few years by difficulties in finding the right lineup.

“One of the most difficult challenges for us was to find the right members, especially for the keyboard player and female vocalist positions. Fortunately we have overcome this and we couldn’t be happier for this Misteyes line-up!” says Tremaioni “Another challenge was the recording of our first album ‘Creeping Time’. It was difficult but we learned a lot from this experience.”

The debut is expected to release in early 2016 and will focus on the concept of time and how we as humans react to its passing in our lives. From the two tracks already released, the album is sure to be a versatile mix of extreme and melodic heavy metal music. There’s certainly a high degree of polish and skill involved, even though the recording experience was something completely new for members of the band.

“For the composition of the album we hadn’t many problems, everything came naturally. The real challenge was the recording of the album: for us it was the first time we entered a proper studio and everything was new! However, in the end everything went well and we are really happy with the result!”

With the album just a few months away the band is concentrating on everything concerning the promotion of ‘Creeping Time’. Everything from promotional photo shoots to official music videos is in the works.

“We are preparing something new and cool that we’ll reveal with the release of our first album. We can’t talk about it yet, but it’ll be related with the concept behind the album and the band.”

An artistic band, Misteyes is certainly building up the hype for themselves through the use of social media. Their fan base has grown ever stronger over the last years, especially after opening for the likes of Acturus and Cadeveria. Unfortunately, the band has no tours planned, but 2016 hasn’t’ even begun, so the band isn’t ruling anything out just yet.

Though they’re unlikely to play the States just yet, the band is known for their powerful stage performance and scenery. With the release of the new album, the band will be upping their game with new costumes, scenery, and lighting. To say the least, a Misteyes performance is more than a heavy metal show – it’s an experience.


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