Casket Robbery is Preparing for their Debut

A three track sampler of the band’s forthcoming debut full length ‘Evolution of Evil’, this rare promotional disc landed in our hands courtesy of guitarist, Cory Scheider. I spent the last month studying and thoroughly enjoying each track of this promotional disc. To whet your appetites for the spring release, here are my thoughts on this little taste of things to come.

Writing a song about one of the most maniacal serial killers in the history of mankind, ‘Blood Bathory’ does the legend of this virgin killing fiend well. Brutally heavy blast beats, crunching riffs, looming bass, and of course guttural, snarling vocals paint a vivid picture of what Casket Robbery is all about. Fortunately, the band does a few things different from most contemporary death metal bands; vocalist, Dustin Foesch, is easy to understand with a trained ear, while Scheider brings more of a groove metal style to his playing, especially with his shrieking guitar solo toward the end of the track.

Building an atmosphere with a sample of the evening news regarding the killing spree perpetrated by Richard “The Night Stalker” Ramirez, ‘Curse of the Night Stalker’ is another brutal track, but with some key differences from ‘Blood Bathory.’ A haunting lead guitar is hidden behind the chugging guitar and the bass is very prominent, while the drums are much more technical this time around. Little samples of the news bulletin such as “the Night Stalker cruised the freeway looking for victims while listening to heavy metal’ give the track superior atmosphere, while lyrics such as “stabbing you feels so right!” and “no remorse…” make for a terrifying track. Other hallmarks of the song include the almost sickly sound of Dustin Foesch’s vocal, especially a deep, guttural growl midway through.

Much more groove based than the previous two songs, ‘Pray for Death’ features a strong emphasis on the lead guitar, but has an equal amount of amount of heaviness. Once more, Foesch delivers his lyrics in a delightfully dark and snarly manner, and drummer, Greg Mueller, really shows off his technique with a mix of blast beats and a liberal use of his cymbals. While it doesn’t resonate as well as ‘Curse of the Nightstalker’, this tune has one of best guitar solos I’ve heard in recent months. To be it quite simply, Scheider delivers a solo that, while short and sweet, is reminiscent of the late, great Dimebag Darrell.

Nothing more than a selectively released promotional disc for their upcoming debut album ‘Evolution of Evil’ this sampler is the perfect showcase of what we can expect from this Central Wisconsin death metal outfit. 9/10




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