Review: Chastain – We Bleed Metal

True to the name, Chastain’s 11th album release indeed bleeds metal.

In 1984, Shrapnel Records assembled Chastain to highlight the talents of guitarist David Chastain and vocalist Leather Leone. The band has seen various members come and go, but after 30+ years of existence the most recent line-up features Leather, Chastain, Stian Kristoffersen, and Mike Skimmerhorn.

We Bleed Metal features 9 songs with a running time just over 45 minutes. It’s got a bombastic sound that’ll punch you right in the gut. Leather is vicious as ever, while Chastain dishes up a heaping dose of shreddy licks and edgy riffs. The whole ensemble slays it. The album is packed with hooks to get stuck in your head and plenty of sing-along opportunities.

If you dig Judas Priest, you’ll love this. Keep two ibuprofen and plenty of water on hand—you’ll need it for all the head-banging you’ll do. 9/10


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