Lindsay Schoolcraft – The Beauty Behind the Beast

Hailing from Oshawa, Canada, multi-instrumentalist and singer, Lindsay Schoolcraft has been steadily building a name for herself in modern music industry. Though she would prefer to be known for her solo work, her greatest claim to fame thus far is her membership with British extreme metal legends, Cradle of Filth.

Joining the ranks of Cradle of Filth in 2013, Schoolcraft is the latest in a long line of female musicians in the band. She takes a great deal of pride in knowing that she has the blessings of her esteemed predecessors, Sarah Jezebel Deva and Caroline Campbell. Regarding her recruitment into Cradle, she remarks.

“I didn’t believe it when I got the email asking me to audition to join. Absolutely it’s an honor. They actually found me over Facebook at the end of 2012 through a mutual friend. I got lucky… very, very, lucky.”

Love them or hate them, Cradle of Filth is an important band in the modern heavy metal scene, thus being called upon to audition is quite the accomplishment. Of course, this honor wasn’t bestowed upon Schoolcraft without reason. A talented musician with the harp and keyboard, as well as an accomplished vocalist, she’s quickly become an integral part of the band acting as the beauty behind the beast that is Dani Filth. So much so that Filth has even shared his writing and composition duties with Schoolcraft.

“We pass vocal and lyric ideas back and forth to one another. We did a lot of that during the writing of Hammer of the Witches. We also discuss how we would like our strings and choirs to sound and then work on them together with our drummer, Martin. The biggest challenge was writing an album over the internet from four different countries, but after eight months it somehow came together!”

With ‘Hammer of the Witches’ still fresh on the minds of Cradle fans everywhere, the band has embarked on a lengthy series of tours throughout the world, including a forthcoming North American tour in 2016. That being said, Schoolcraft’s namesake band has become more of a side project, but the band is certainly far from finished.

“Cradle of Filth is my full time commitment and I do work on Schoolcraft songs when I have time, usually between touring. Cradle would definitely be more important career-wise with the legacy and the audience, but I’m hoping that Schoolcraft can gain some proper exposure and my songs meet more audiences over the next few years. I would like to see more shows for Schoolcraft in the near future and I’m hoping that will change soon.”

Like any musician truly passionate about their craft, Schoolcraft has been using her spare time to write new material for her namesake band. Of course, near constant touring puts a heavy strain on the body, spirit and creative mind making for a lot of lost time when there’s finally a break. A disciplined soul, however, she has weathered the storm so far and has been keeping up well with her chosen lifestyle, while steadily working on her first love.

“Being on the road with Cradle has been very demanding. Once we had a day off after the UK run of shows I could really feel it. Sleeping right and eating right are so important for me to keep up with the physical demand considering I’m performing and acting harder on stage than I ever have before. I’ve been doing pretty good on the road so far under my vegan diet too. When I do find the time I work on lyrics or melodies for Schoolcraft songs and record snippets on my phone. Currently, I am working with my band back at home in Canada to complete two songs over Christmas break. It’s been on track and I’m really excited about it.”

Though she’s working hard to give the very best show possible, Schoolcraft isn’t all work and no play. Like all of us, she’s recognizes the need to step away from the job and just enjoy life, especially when on the road in a foreign country.

“I think it’s trying to find a balance between working too hard and enjoying yourself. There are so many responsibilities on the road, but you also need to explore and live in the moment too. Some days you just have to turn off the Wi-Fi and go out and explore or else you’ll get pretty drained and feel dull about things, which is not the right mindset you want to be in before you have to perform.”

Taking this philosophy to heart, it’s not uncommon to catch a glimpse of Schoolcraft, or any member of Cradle of Filth for that matter, walking among the fans at a show. And if one thing is for certain, there’s little worry that asking for a picture or an autograph won’t go over well.

“If we ever have the opportunity to hang out after a show we absolutely take it. It’s nice to meet the fans and talk with them. They are always such lovely people.”

As already mentioned, Cradle of Filth is set to tour North America in 2016 and if all goes well with the writing and recording of new material for the Schoolcraft band, we’ll be seeing more of her in the near future. In the meantime, keep an eye on the tour dates if you want to see Cradle of Filth live and be sure check out the latest video from ‘Hammer of the Witches’ entitled ‘Black Magick.’



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