Casket Robbery – Brutal Groove Metal at it’s Finest

Wisconsin is known for a few things – beer, cheese, cows, football championships, and serial killers. Having seen its fair share of serial killers it’s no surprise that the state would produce a death metal outfit as brutal as Casket Robbery.

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin the band formed in 2011 as a two man death metal project between ex-Luna Mortis guitarist, Cory Scheider, and vocalist, Dustin Foesch. Hardly intending for the band to be anything serious, the band was more about playing heavy music for the fun of it. Over time, however, their early recordings turned into fully fleshed out songs and the band began developing a following. Realizing the potential of the project, the band took a chance and booked a show opening for Jungle Rot in Freeport, Illinois. The only problem was that they were still just a duo. Fortunately, Scheider was able to make a few calls and cobble together a band in time for the show.

After a successful debut, it was decided that Casket Robbery would become a full time musical commitment. Unfortunately, the original line up that Scheider had put together wasn’t in it for the long haul.

“There aren’t a ton of musicians around here that take playing in a band that seriously.  We kind of went through a lot of guys because they couldn’t hang with work ethic needed to be in a professional band.  They didn’t want to put in the time or invest the amount of money needed… or they couldn’t play very well.  Whatever it was, we went through a lot of guys,” says Scheider.

After several years of honing their sound and dealing with a revolving door lineup, Casket Robbery has finally brought together what Scheider views as “the Casket lineup we’ve all been waiting for.” This lineup includes Dustin Foesch (lead vocals), Cory Scheider (guitars) Greg Mueller (drums) and Patrick Small (bass).

Though the band has finally assembled the “perfect” lineup, they face a greater challenge than your average independent heavy metal act; the band is spread out across the Midwestern United States with members in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Fortunately, we live in a technological age where distance can mean next to nothing in terms of writing and recording music.

“We can stay active with social media, writing and connecting.  For rehearsals, we book them very strategically since we can’t get together all the time.  We are working with top notch guys so everyone knows their parts and can come together and kill it during rehearsals,” says Scheider, optimistic of how his band manages to keep things strong between members despite distance between members.

With the lineup issue out of the way, the band approaches their music in a rather unique fashion with horror movies and state of mind playing a key role in their writing and performance techniques.

”I try to write riffs visually. I take a movie or Dustin’s lyric ideas and I put a sound around that idea,” explains Scheider. “For example, if you were a serial killer hacking up people what would the soundtrack sound like in your head?  I try to make that idea a Casket Robbery riff.”

Though he says Killswitch Engage and Bury Your Dead have inspired him to an extent, Scheider doesn’t draw much inspiration from the death metal genre. Instead, he and his band mates try to keep his music pure and focused. In fact, it’s his personal belief that “it’s probably best to throw influences out the door” so to avoid unconsciously copying something you like. By doing this, the band believes that they’re making music in best way possible.

Based off of a sampler disc currently floating around the Midwest scene, the band has certainly crafted a standout sound that doesn’t sound like anyone else. Though the concept of brutally heavy music and lyrics revolving around death and evil is nothing new to the metal world it’s the way the band performs their music and approaches the concept philosophically and lyrically that makes them something to consider above the rest.

“I know Dustin would want this mentioned – we are not a serial killer band,” Scheider says with a laugh, though “a lot of our lyrics have those ideas but we are actually trying to convey more of the idea that the world is a sick place filled with sick people.  We are all evil at some level.  Some people have let that evil get the best of them and they do the worst things imaginable.  The new album definitely goes to new places lyrically.”

Four years after releasing their debut EP as a duo, Casket Robbery is preparing to unleash their debut full length album ‘Evolution of Evil’ on March 4th, 2016. Partially funded by the fans, Casket Robbery has devoted a large chunk of change to making the very best album they could. The new album will feature the production talents of Cody Radley (Villains/Yuth) and Chris Wisco, and even a guest solo by John Laux (ex-Warbringer). It goes without saying that this is going to be one hell of an album, but March is still a ways a way. Though there’s that sampler floating around the Midwest, this disc is hard to find and more so meant for journalists. However, fans eager to hear what Casket Robbery has in store will have to wait for the first single to be released in video format in February. For those who can’t wait even another month and a half, you’ll just have to catch a Casket Robbery show as they finish out the year touring the Midwestern USA, but be warned, this isn’t your normal heavy metal show. In fact, the band’s live show is best described as “Just brutality. The music will just pummel you.”


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