Review: In Obscurity Revealed – The Spell of the Seeker

Entering the worldwide metal scene in 2014 with their four track demo ‘The Spell of the Seeker,’ Mexican death metal trio, In Obscurity Revealed, has attracted the attention of Caverna Abismal Records. The band’s demo will be re-released as an extended play on March 4th, 2016 marking the band’s first big step toward worldwide recognition.

The demo begins with ‘Magnum Spectrum.’ The band’s occult influences are quickly put on display with an eerie groaning and abysmal winds. Soon the guitar kicks into a fiery riff followed by thundering bass lines and powerful drums that come together to form a well-structured death metal track. Once vocalist/bassist, Fabrizio ‘F.M’ Melgar enters with a snarly, aggressive voice similar to Sepultura-era Max Cavalera the track takes on a more blackened melodic death spirit with a heavier emphasis on blast beats, breakdowns, and harmonics, though it  lacks a formal guitar solo.  Unfortunately, the song seems to end rather abruptly, but that’s a minor flaw most will ignore or completely miss.

Picking up where the last track left off, ‘Seven Gates of the Sinister’ is a tune that blends thrash guitars and black metal blast beats to make for a brutally heavy track. The fretwork is impeccable and features some elements of groove metal, while the overall heaviness keeps your head banging even as a mid-song breakdown shakes things up a bit. Unfortunately, F.M’s vocals are only present for the latter half of the song. Regardless, his guttural vocal approach adds an extra lay of brutality and aggression making for a powerful second track. Not unlike ‘Magnum Spectrum’, the song ends rather abruptly and doesn’t pass the three minute line. The silver lining, however, is that the shortness of this awesome track leaves the listener wanting more.

‘Law of the Thelema’ abandons the black metal aspects in favor of a thrash meets melodic death metal feel. Screaming guitars and heavy riffs are dominant, while the pace is a bit slower than the previous two tracks as the drums are a bit more reserved. About a minute in, however, the tempo kicks up a and becomes something of a roller coaster ride with a breakdown or two to shake things up before F.M finishes the song with range of growls and howls. Sadly, the song once again fails to end properly with another rough cut finish.

Finishing off this release is ‘The Path of the Shadow.’ Easily the fastest and heaviest track of the four, this was the perfect way to bring finish out the demo. The technicality of the guitars is kicked way up and the blast beats drive the song more than ever. The mid-song breakdown is very reminiscent of early Slayer, which is obviously a good thing, and really builds up the fury of the track. In fact, the song really channels the wild vibes of Slayer and is all over the board in terms of technicality and intensity. The use occult muttering and chanting behind the music late in the track comes at a bit of a surprise, but it fits well, especially as the song properly fade out using occult echoes at the very end.

Overall ‘The Spell of the Seeker’ is an excellent release and one hell of a demo. Normally a demo is a step in the right direction, but there’s a lot of work to be done, but not here. In Obscurity Revealed has a tight collection of songs that only need some minor tweaking to be perfect. Their blending of thrash, melodic death, and black metal is done so well that I can honestly see this band only getting better.  9/10


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