Aeternity Booking – Firm Supporters of the Underground


Despite what some may say about the genre; rock is nowhere near dead. Rock is an unbreakable foundation and will never die thanks to its ever growing legions of dedicated fans, musicians, and hard working companies like Florida-based Aeternity Booking.

Emerging two years ago from Aeternity Artist Development, a management label that represents up and coming artists to get them to the professional level, Aeternity Booking serves to promote and setup shows. Though our experience with the company has revolved around death metal and metalcore bands, the company does not place all of its bets in one place.

“We don’t really have one set style. We pretty much book all kinds of bands, whether it be pop, punk, or metal,” says co-founder, Chris Ronan. “Basically, we just help the scene out a little bit. We book as many shows in all areas of different states.”

As with Aeternity Artist Development, Aeternity Booking is focused on the local, up and coming artists so don’t expect to see too many, if any, big names on their set list. While some may cry foul, the company is playing an integral role in keeping hard rock and heavy metal alive by promoting the little guys. To do this, the company teams up with local promoters that know their markets and have a strong resume. They then create shows with a diverse set of bands to not only maximize exposure of the bands themselves, but to introduce fans to styles they may not have heard yet.

In just two years as a company, Aeternity Booking has spread out from its native Florida and into Idaho, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Wisconsin, and there’s no sign of slowing down. The company is highly active on social media, searching for fresh acts, new scenes, established promoters, and interns looking to hone their craft such as photography, public relations, and social media marketing. And while acquiring interns can be quite the challenge, Aeternity Booking has figured out the key to success – college credit.

“We’re not a local promotion company out of a basement. We’re a legitimate, state recognized company. We don’t do just one genre, we do all genres. This allows for us to be expansive and explore more territories. All in all, that’s what we are. We want to bring people together and give back to our scene and communities,” says Wisconsin promoter and former Archiver keyboardist, Nicklaus Rueda.

Clearly determined to succeed in a tough industry, Aeternity Booking is doing well for itself. Expanding into four states in two years is no easy task, but they’ve managed to do it and they’re thriving. Rueda and Ronan are constantly hard at work pulling bands together and setting up great shows across their established markets.  And though they’re not sure where the company might expand to next, there’s no question that 2016 will see a new state join the Aeternity family.


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