Skullwinx – Epic Speed Metal from Bavaria

Europe is unquestionably the holy land for heavy metal. Between the legions of bands and countless festivals, there is no shortage of talent. And though many bands are well known, some are still flying under the radar but rising fast. Enter Skullwinx.

Formed in in Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany in 2008 by Kilian Osenstätter and Severin Steger, Skullwinx began as a jam band with just a drummer and guitarist.  By 2012 the band was completed with bassist Vitus Besel, lead guitarist Lennart ‘Lenny’ Hammerer, and vocalist Christian Bayer.

Inspired by the works of Running Wild, Blind Guardian, Judas Priest, Warlord, Helloween, and “old school heavy metal” as a whole, Skullwinx quickly created a unique style for themselves, which they refer to as “Epic Speed Metal.” Not long after the formation of this lineup the band cut their first demo ‘Demo for Heroes.’ Unfortunately, about a half year later the band suffered its first lineup change; Besel and Bayer were replaced with current bassist and lead vocalist, Konstantin Kárpáty and Johannes Haller.

Dedicated to bringing “traditional metal into the new century” while staying “edgy and raw,” Skullwinx quickly gelled with their new compatriots due to almost all of their members being professional trained or highly skilled with their instruments. This led to the band’s official recording debut with 2014’s ‘St. George’ EP, which was followed just a few months later by their first full length; a concept album based on Greek mythology called ‘The Missions of Heracles.’

While it all seemed to going well for these young metallers, the band’s youth got the best of them and they fell into a bad business deal with a UK-based booking agency supposedly representing the likes of Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen.

“We were once heavily fooled by a quite well known London based booking agency. They offered us booking for 1500€. It turned out that they did nothing for that money. We are all students and have no regular income, so we are totally indebted now,” explains Hammerer.

As with many bands, finances can deal a crippling blow to the band’s plans, but Skullwinx made it through the trenches with the aid of their fans and a strong determination to make it in the metal scene as an independent act. Now thanks to strong sales of their music and merchandise the band is slowly climbing its way out of the money pit and looking to release their second full length in 2016.

Though their previous full length was a concept album based on well-known Greek myths, Hammerer, the band’s primary lyricist, promises that the myths and legends lyrical content will continue on the next album, but not everything will be well-known.

“I get my inspiration through reading books about legends, tales and heroic deeds, which are re-told in our songs. Sometimes I invent stories in that style,” says Hammerer, leaving the door open to fresh and invigorating tales of triumph and tragedy.

As for the new album, the band doesn’t want to spoil much for eager fans, but Hammerer says that they are willing to say that “so far it seems to turn out very great,” and “we are very excited!”

With two years between their debut album and their next release, the band has invested a great deal of time and effort into performing live. Rather than simply hit the stage and belt out some great heavy metal tunes, the band has created a stage show on par with the likes of Sabaton and Civil War.

“We got active moving and pillars on our stage fitting to our Greek concept…and I am working hard to get a six pack to look like Hercules… but this won’t work!” Hammerer jokes, but beyond the theme fans can expect “a lot of movement on the stage, an active singer and a powerful sound!”

Despite their powerful stage show, the band hasn’t embarked on a tour yet due to their ongoing financial limitations. Regardless, the band is looking to change that in 2016 by playing as many metal festivals as possible including ‘Up the Hammers’ in Greece and ‘Bavarian Battle Open Air’ in their native Bavaria.

Though the new album’s release date is still uncertain Skullwinx will no doubt be releasing a video or two in support of the new album. For the time being, the band is asking fans to remain patient and trust that 2016 will be a big year for Skullwinx.


Now that your interest in piqued, check out these two tracks from Skullwinx’s EP and full length, and don’t forget to check them out on Facebook!

St. George – ‘Hammer of the Gods’

The Missions of Heracles – ‘Ceryneian Hind’

Skullwinx Official Facebook Page


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