Disappearance – American Female Fronted Metalcore

When people think of the state of Wisconsin they often think of cheese, beer, corn, and serial killers. Strangely, this isn’t far from the truth, but heavy metal is also one of the state’s big exports and one growing commodity is Disappearance.

Formed in 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin, Disappearance is a relatively new band on the scene, but their unique blend of death metal, alternative rock and metalcore with a vicious female vocalist at the helm is quickly turning heads.

In the three years the band has existed there have been numerous lineup changes that have kept the band from recording their debut until 2016. According to lead vocalist, Megan Orvold, this has been the best course of action for the band since it has given them time to craft a unique sound.

“It’s mostly been because of what we were looking for sound-wise and future goals of the band. We have been through some amazing musicians and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Though I am very happy to say that we have a group that meshes extremely well together and I am really loving the direction we are taking with our sound,” says Orvold, whose own contributions to the has changed over the years. “Originally I was actually supposed to do mostly clean vocals with some harsh accents, but as time developed we’ve got a pretty good balance of both now, and I could not be happier.”

As for the band’s sound, Disappearance takes a great deal of inspiration from Sevendust, Killswitch Engage, Arch Enemy, Lamb of God, and Periphery. This blend of influences has helped craft the band’s sound that is best described as heavy and technical with a touch of soul and aggression thanks to their professionally trained lead vocalist.

“Mary Zimmer rocks!” says Orvold in praise of the Midwest based vocal coach and White Empress frontwoman who taught her to refine her voice and properly perform the harsh vocals.

As for the name; Orvold explains that it was just something cool that went well with the music.

“It actually came up one day at practice after we were screwing around trying to think of a name…and then it just stuck from then on. I wish I had a cooler story, I suppose I could make one up,” she says with a laugh.

Of course a cool name and great music only goes so far in the musical industry without playing actual shows, which has proven to be the band’s greatest challenge due to near constant lineup changes.

“The lineup changes have been hard and is definitely like breaking up in a relationship. We’ve met and become friends with a lot of people though and most of the lineup changes have been pretty amicable. It was especially hard because one of the lineup changes happened while we were recording our full length album, so we scrambled to find someone to record quickly,” explains Orvold.

Despite these issues, the band eventually secured a stable lineup and caught the eye of an established local hard rock band earning them a slot on a set list that proved to be their first show.

“We were very lucky that Ultrea gave us a shot at our first show,” says Orvold. “We had a lot to prove and I think we definitely did that.”

Obviously, the band played a strong set that night because the band’s support has steadily grown since sharing the stage with Ultrea. This is due partly to Orvold’s life-inspired lyrics, her band’s heavy sound and stage presence, which is anything but dull.

“Energy…lots and lots of energy. We bring it. We move. We interact. We definitely bring the metal. I think one of the coolest things about us is our versatility. We can get up there and play rock shows, but we can also get up there and play heavier metal shows…I absolutely love that.” says Orvold. “We love to move and we love to connect and put on a great show. We love surprising people. I love the look on people’s faces when we get up there and I start doing harsh vocals. We also really love to have fun and try to bring that across in our set.”

Certainly a sight to see in a sea of great up and coming American metal bands, Disappearance is quickly making a name for themselves with their live show. Unfortunately for eager fans around the nation they’re currently sticking to the Midwestern United States until their album hits in March, but don’t lose hope just yet. The band isn’t ruling out touring in the near future.

“There have been talks, but we mostly want to get some music out for everyone…this album has been a long time coming and is our first priority right now. That being said, there is nothing more that I would want than to do some touring and get our music out there,” says Orvold. “It has been a LONG time coming and the amount of blood, sweat and tears that’s gone into this is just insane. We have fought hard for this and we really wanted to come out with something that we can stand behind. It’s been a very long road, but I am so excited to share it with everyone.”

Three years in the making, Disappearance’s debut full length will hit the stores in March 2016 and thanks to Casket Robbery’s Cory Scheider and Old Dark House Studio, the album is coming with a great deal of polish. As of right now, the album is in the final stages, but the band and fans alike are having trouble containing their excitement for the March release. So by popular demand, the band has released a taste of things to come with the single ‘Marionette.’ To make things all the sweeter, the band will be celebrating the album’s release with a live performance March 19th at The Frequency in Madison, Wisconsin with special guests Mutilated by Zombies, Genotype, and Faith Hills Have Eyes. Until then, stay tuned for a full length review of Disappearance’s debut album in the coming weeks.


Now that your interest is piqued, be sure to check out the band’s official website for their new single ‘Marionette’ and give them a like on Facebook.




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