Svoid – Hungarian Black Metal from the Void

Black metal is one of the premier forms of heavy metal and sometimes the strangest. Black metal acts often go to great lengths to standout from the pack and no one stands out better than Hungary’s mysterious offering, Svoid.

Formed in 2010 at the foot of the Mountains of Bükk in Hungary, Svoid plays a style of metal that they once described as anti-cosmic metal. Because the name didn’t say much about the band’s music they’ve taken to referring to themselves as “somewhere in between post-punk, indie, and black metal.”

Originally a one-man solo project of vocalist/bassist/guitarist, István Kosovics aka ‘S’, Svoid has only recently brought together a full lineup. S says that his decision to turn Svoid into a full band came to him when “I realized that we have more to tell about the Chaos vortex.” The initial lineup, however, was just a temporary arrangement and after a few changes, the core band is now a trio. Regardless, S plans to bring on session musicians should the need arise in the near future.

Drawing strength from their small core group being a trio has allowed for Svoid to be more efficient in their songwriting process. S explains:

“We could gather our influences from everything around us. A motion, a view, a vibe, an emotion may take us to the mood what we transform into tunes and spoken words. This state of our minds is the most important influence, which is apart from the ego of course. Mind over matter.”

“With regards to the term SVOID we have the freedom to enlighten different aspects of our art. It may reflect the void itself, which is singular, or may reflect the dimensionless void, which is unending. It may reflect All and Nothing at the same time. It may reflect the storming voices of inner devotion,” S adds to explain not just the name, but the band’s musical and personal philosophy.

Clearly driven by the occult and all things strange and dark to the common man, Svoid writes his lyrics to celebrate “the End” and “express its unbound hunger”. In short, S’s lyrics are devoted to the sinister forces lurking beyond our eyes and within space and time itself.

Due to originating as a one-man band, Svoid’s greatest challenge was taking their music to the stage. Once the band was formed into a full lineup, and later a trio, Svoid began establishing themselves around Europe in 2014 with two performances with the European Tour of the True Mayhem, playing shows in Slovakia and Germany. As of now, the band is planning to expand even further with shows in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania already booked, but many more to come. Unfortunately, touring the United States is not on the band’s priority list for the time being, but S is confident that they will one day “cross that horizon and introduce ourselves.”

Now that the band is dedicated to performing live they’ve crafted themselves quite the unforgettable performance. Given the intriguing yet eerie way in which S speaks, it’s expected that the band would make their performance a true black metal experience.

“Our presence on stage is a celebration in each and every case. This is a religious act, a ceremony if you like, which establishes a link, a channel between the two worlds. And we are standing at the gates of this channel to transform those pan-dimensional energies not by our hands but through…” says S. “…this is more than a “metal act” on stage. However, we use instruments and play music which can be related to metal. This is layered what you see and hear there. Individuals can handle this as music but religious presence or ceremony as well. This is deeply crossing the surface, and constructs something outside this world. Musically we also went really into our own void, coming from various sources of course, which can be hardly linked to anything else. There will be, and I know there are already, a few ones who look really into our abyss through this strange horizon.”

With many live performances planned around for 2016, Svoid also has some new material coming up for fans to sink their teeth into. On April 18th, the band will release their second full-length album ‘Storming Voices of Inner Devotion’ followed by a lyric video to break the chain of bootleg videos floating around the internet. In the future, the band is planning on releasing a proper video, though the song has yet to be named; therefore this project is likely on the backburner for now. As for what the band has planned for the rest of 2016, S simply says:

“Our primary goal is to step closer to our unbound progression on this spiral path of Death.”


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