Review: Sabaton – Heroes On Tour

Written by Brett Kihlmire

It’s been almost two years since Sabaton unleashed yet another critically acclaimed album with 2014’s ‘Heroes,’ and fans are itching for something fresh. So far there’s no word on a new Sabaton, so we’ll have to settle for another live album.

While certainly not a bad thing, ‘Heroes On Tour’ starts exactly in the same fashion as the previous two live albums; ‘March to War’ followed immediately by ‘Ghost Division.’ Having seen Sabaton twice now, this is expected as is ending the show with either ‘Metal Crue,’ or ‘Metal Medley’ followed immediately by ‘Dead Soldier’s Waltz.’ Basically, a Sabaton live show is about as predictable as it is exciting, and it’s always exciting.

Featuring seven songs not previously released in live format, which includes ‘Screaming Eagles’ and ‘Panzerkampf’ from the  ‘Coat of Arms’ and ‘The Art of War’ albums, respectively, and six tracks from the ‘Heroes’ album. The remainder of the album’s 16 tracks comes from all across the Sabaton discography. If it weren’t for the previous two live albums ‘Heroes on Tour’ would be a must-have for Sabaton fans everywhere.  However, because literally half of the tracks were already played on the previous two live albums, ‘Heroes on Tour’ feels stale from the beginning. This isn’t to say that it’s not worthy of being in your collection. ‘Heroes on Tour’ is everything you’d expect out of the band that made history cool and interesting for a new generation across the world.

Overall, ‘Heroes on Tour’ is a solid collection of some of Sabaton’s best tunes. Not everyone digs the live sound, but others love it, and Joakim Broden’s crowd interaction between songs is more than interesting. That being said, if you love Sabaton and you like live albums, then this is for you, but you’re not missing much if you choose to pass. Honestly, if you’re thinking about purchasing this release, buy the DVD/Blu-Ray option instead. Sabaton is known for their onstage theatrics, so rather than settle for an audio experience, most of which you can get with the previous live releases, go for the best Sabaton experience possible. Of course, if watching Sabaton rock the stage in true theatrical style isn’t tempting enough, the DVD/Blu-ray includes 10 extra songs not included with the CD! As for the score, points are lost only because half of the set can be heard on previous live albums; the music itself stands the test of the amphitheater quite well. 8/10


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