Universal Theory – Gothic Metal from Spain

Goth Rock/Metal has been a staple in the realm of heavy music for a long time. Thanks to bands like Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation, the genre is growing evermore popular allowing bands like Universal Theory a chance at fame.

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Universal Theory is a studio project formed by Jesús Pinilla after 11 years of playing in various bands. Created with the philosophy that “any reason, idea, or style” is welcome, the band started out with just Pinilla and his creativity. Influenced by the likes of Tiamat and Anathema, Pinilla slowly crafted his music, eventually creating the band’s signature “Atmospheric Gothic Rock” sound. In time, the recording of Universal Theory’s debut EP was looming, but the project was missing something that would prove integral to their sound – a female vocalist.

“I was lucky and found Majo Martos through a friend a few months before I started to record the first EP and when I heard her voice I said “perfect, wonderful”,” says Pinilla in regards to the other half of Universal Theory.

Recording two albums thus far, Pinilla and Martos’ partnership has stood the test of the time and according to Pinilla, there have been no line up changes.

As with all independent solo projects, Universal Theory has experienced its fair share of setbacks from family, finances, and free time. Regardless, the band has put in “much hard work and many long hours” and taken inspiration from the emotions of life.

“Each song tells a story, a thought, desires, fantasies, one day or one experience in my life and I try to transmit it through the lyrics,” explains Pinilla, regarding his use of life experience for musical and lyrical inspiration.

Pinilla’s storytelling has always been a prominent feature of Universal Theory’s music, but for their second album, ‘The Most Attractive Force,’ the band has steered more into than realm of gothic metal rather than rock.

“In this new album we offer up brighter and louder guitars, combining a heavier, more intense sound with a deeper and more melodic Gothic Metal atmosphere.”

Though strictly a studio band at the moment, Universal Theory is doing everything they can to stand out amongst a sea of European metal acts. Their strategy includes a strong social media presence, which includes the release of nearly half of ‘The Most Attractive Force’ album in the form of lyric videos, as well as interaction with fans and fellow musicians. Of course, the band isn’t ruling out stepping onto the stage one day.

“For now Universal Theory is a studio project. Hopefully later we can form a band and play all over the world. Rock & Metal music must be enjoyed live,” says Pinilla.” If we had the opportunity of playing live we would like to transmit the force of metal music and make people enjoy each note.”

As of right now, Universal Theory will remain a two piece studio project for the foreseeable future. Should the band continue to grow its fan base and calls for live performance grow too loud to ignore, Pinilla and Martos are likely to recruit a full band. In the meantime, they’re focusing their efforts on writing new material and promoting their current releases with the possibility of a proper music video on the table. In the meantime, Universal Theory invites you all to explore their music and show your support via social media.

Enjoy Universal Theory – visit and support us here:

You can listen to ‘Mystery Timeline’ and ‘The Most Attractive Force’ in full here:
Or purchase their music here:


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