Deathless Creation – Thrash’n’Roll from Germany


Coming together in the summer of 2010 as a group of teenage metalheads, Deathless Creation officially formed in 2012 in the small town of Guenzburg, Bavaria, Germany. Though the band’s members were relatively green in terms of musical experience, the early lineup laid the groundwork for what was to come.

“We were all kids back then, 15 years old. It was fun and every one of us made his first musical steps, so to speak,” says vocalist/guitarist, Benne Rommel. “Of course when puberty really kicked in and some of us were graduating school, getting into jobs and stuff, line-up changes started to happen. Our drummer, Stefan, and me were the only remaining band members, but we wanted to take the band in a more serious direction.”

While lineup changes can often cripple a band and has certainly been a major challenge for the band, Rommel is confident that the band’s current lineup is the best yet. And in the years that followed the band’s formation, Deathless Creation has tapped a wealth of inspirations from stoner rock, thrash metal, blues, and even non-metal music to create a style that Rommel describes as “thrash metal with a lot of rock´n´roll and blues elements to it,” or just simply “Thrash’n’Roll.”

Like many bands today, Rommel uses his music as his voice. The music is not only extensions of his emotions, but his lyrics explore his view of the world and make the listener think as well as listen.

“Thrash´n´Roll is very personal and tells a lot about the struggles I had to fight during the writing process. Of course, there is social criticism as well…things that piss me off,” says Rommel who doesn’t shy away from letting the world know what he thinks about current events and society in general.

With their sound nailed down, Deathless Creation has been touring their homeland, playing small clubs and impressing crowds consistently with performance and presence.

“Being on stage is a very emotional thing for me. I think people feel that! We´re fucking tight!”

As of right now, the band is still in its early growing stages, but a lot of money is put into their media campaigns and recording. As an independent band hailing from a continent known for its heavy metal, the band is doing all it can to stand out. As of this writing, their debut album ‘Thrash’n’Roll’ is only four months old, but they’re already writing the next record. In the meantime, Deathless Creation has a music video planned for production in Spring 2016 and are hoping to turn a few more heads and land themselves a gig at one of the premier heavy metal festivals.

“We´re planning a tour in Germany and maybe some other countries. We would love to go to the USA, but at the moment there is nothing planned in that direction,” says Rommel, though nothing is ever written off.

As for the future of the band, Benne Rommel and his comrades are not only planning to expand their influence around their home country, they’re also working on their next album, which they hope to release in 2017. Until then, the band has four things on their minds as they rock through 2016.

“Great shows, love to everybody, health and good parties!”


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