Festering – Old School Death Metal from Portugal

Hailing from the town of Loures, Portugal, Festering is an old school style death metal band inspired by the likes of Entombed, Death, Obituary, Napalm Death, and Carcass. They describe their style as “more or less like the early 90’s Swedish Death Metal invasion with some touches of gore/grind.”

Originating in 1992 as a studio project, Festering was a side project to Extreme Unction and was on the back burner for almost 20 years before it became a main project.  Unfortunately, the band has seen its ranks bloat and thin over the years. Originally comprised of Paulo (guitar), Koja (bass and vocals) and Zé-Tó (drums and vocals), the band’s reunion saw only Kojas return in 2011. All was not lost, however, for the band now had Pedro (vocals), João (guitar), Koja (bass and vocals) and Beto (drums). Yet, in the five years that followed only Koja and Pedro remain.

“Our major challenge is finding musicians to play with us. It’s very complicated to find the right members for the band and that’s holding back the band,” says Koja.

Despite the limitations that a duo can present to a metal band, Koja and Pedro are determined to soldier on with the Festering name. Though they’re struggling to find a stable lineup, the band has released a new album in recent months entitled ‘From the Grave.’ And while some bands take years for a follow up, Festering is already hard at work on their next record, which will consist of ten songs that they hope will catch the eye of some major heavy metal labels.

Like the bands that inspired them, Festering’s music is described by Koja as “brutal, violent, high-energy, heavy, speed…to sum it up: wild and crazy,” and their lyrics, written by Koja and Pedro, more than match up to the music.

“We have quite a big scope on our lyrics. We focus on themes like wars, religious persecutions, historical and ethnic wars, universal mythology, funeral rites, death cults, apocalyptic theories, zombies… But we write in a violent and gory way…a lot of topics, but always drenched in blood, bowels, torture and unimaginable pain!” Koja says proudly. “I think the biggest difference people will find is the sound. In Portugal there are no bands playing this type of Death Metal. Of course there are lots of Death and Grind bands around, but none has this early 90’s Swedish style. The sound you find on the CD is the same you’ll find live.”

“Everything we recorded and released has been done by ourselves,” Koja continues. “The experience we accumulated throughout all the years we’ve been in the metal scene has helped us compose, record, produce and finish the album. We know our audience is very limited and we don’t have any illusions of reaching out the masses.”

Focused solely on forging an unforgettable sound and finding the right lineup, Festering hasn’t put much thought into their live shows for the time being. Once the band is whole again Koja promises Festering fans in their native Portugal a small tour. As for their fans around the world, look forward to a music video in the near future featuring one of the songs currently in production for their next album. Of course, given the band’s classic sound and abysmal inspirations, there’s a good chance that once the band returns to the stage fans will be treated to a straight-up, no frills, old school death metal show.


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