Skeletonwitch returns with the new single ‘Well of Despair’

It’s been three years since Skeletonwitch has hit the studio and released new material. In that time the band has toured the world and rocked thousands alongside many big names, but also lost their longtime vocalist, Chance Garette. Regardless, Skeletonwitch is back in action with a new frontman, Adam Clemans, and kicking serious ass both in and out of the studio.

Courtesy of Prosthetic Records, ‘Well of Despair’ is our first taste of the upcoming EP ‘The Apothic Gloom.’ The band’s signature blackened thrash metal style is on proud display here with heart pounding drums, fast riffs, sick hooks, and a fitting new voice at the front of it all.

While some might cry foul that Garette is no longer the band’s frontman and that his successor lacks the guttural vocal style, die hards are likely to contest this decision, but eventually warm up to Clemans’ cleaner, more approachable voice. After all, not only is he distinctly different from his predecessor he is a new era of Skeletonwitch, and let’s be honest, his style will make the band a bit more attractive to the ear and more approachable to new, less hardcore metal fans.

Musically, Skeletonwitch is better than ever, but just what you would expect. The technical, fret shredding guitars are tighter and sexier, the bass work is top notch, and the drums are relentless. All in all, if ‘Well of Despair’ is a good representation of the rest of ‘The Apothic Gloom’ this four song EP is going to have us howling madly for more.


As an added bonus, here is the official video for ‘Well of Despair’ courtesy of our friends at Prosthetic Records, so that you can judge the new Skeletonwitch for yourself.



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