Big News from Eleventh Hour Onset

When Metal at the Gates was first established Eleventh Hour Onset was among the first bands to work with us. This young metalcore act out of Southeastern Wisconsin was just getting their feet on the ground with their debut album ‘Nostalgia’ and has since experienced the ups and downs of the music industry.

Eleventh Hour Onset’s debut was mired with poor production and lack of polish due to a sketchy recording studio mishandling what was otherwise a stellar debut. Despite this, the band has been busy establishing themselves been spreading their name around the country, going as far as to take off a semester or two from college to make it all happen. Years later, the band is ready to deliver a new album, but before that could happen the band lost their second guitarist, Adam Gillboy, and bassist, Dillon Armstrong due to creative differences and financial concerns. Regardless, the band bounced back in a way they see as highly beneficial.

“We actually got our old guitar player back, which has really helped us,” says guitarist/clean vocalist, Mikeal Dollak Posch, of Austin Olson.  “He’s actually one of the founding members. He was the first rhythm guitar players we had. He ended up leaving around this time last year, but around New Years I talked to him and was like hey, we kind of have to have this spot filled or we’re going down the shitter.”

Fortunately for the band, Olson was able to be convinced to join the band once more and things started to look up for Eleventh Hour Onset, especially with the new album.

“Just a few weeks ago we finished the tenth song to our album. As of right now we are tracking the final guitars, the bass, and the vocals. We’ll be sending it out at the end of the month to be mixed,” says Posch, who references Andreas Magnuson and Will Putney as the professionals behind the mixing and mastering, respectively. “We’re working with professionals here…finally.”

While these men aren’t like to ring any bells to the casual metal or metalcore fan, Putney’s studio credits included work with the Amity Affliction and Thy Art is Murder, and Magnusen has worked with the likes of Fit for a King and the Black Dahlia Murder. That being said, Eleventh Hour Onset is putting their best foot forward for the new album by seeking the best professionals they can get their hands on.

As of right now, the band is set for a May 29th release for their new album. Current plans have the album coinciding with a CD release party through Milwaukee’s B2 Booking at the famed Metal Grill in Cudahy, Wisconsin. After that, the band plans on “a ridiculous amount of touring.”

As for the future of the band, Posch is confident that the band’s best work is still ahead of them.

“I think we’re starting to develop a lot more right now. I think we’re at the strongest point because we have three original members and our drummer has been with us for over a year.  We’re all on the same level,  we all know where we want to go, we all know what we want to get done, and we have plans and means of doing it. I’m really happy where we are right now.”


At this point in time May is still a long ways away, but no worries. The boys of Eleventh Hour Onset are just as eager for you to hear their new music as you are to hear it, so they churned out a detailed lyric video for their newest track ‘Promised Weight.’


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