Review: Orden Ogan – The Book of Ogan

Written by Brett Kihlmire

It’s been a year since Orden Ogan released their last album ‘Ravenhead’ and demands for more Ogan are being heard loud and clear. Enter the ultimate Orden Ogan fan service package – The Book of Ogan.

A four disc box set consisting of two CDs and two DVDS, ‘The Book of Ogan’ is sure to make any fan salivate with desire. The DVD side of the package includes over six hours of footage; Disc 1 consists of the documentary ‘The Making of Orden Ogan,’ which chronicles the band’s formation in 1996 to the present day. As well, the first DVD includes all eight of the band’s music videos and three behind the scenes featurettes – ‘The Making of The Things We Believe in,’ ‘The Making of To the End,’ and ‘Rhapsody – Tour Report.’ Overall, this disc alone is a solid package worthy of your collection, but there are three more discs to cover!

DVD 2 consists of two complete live sets from Rock Harz Open Air 2015 and Brose Arena Bamberg 2015. While an awesome collection of live footage, the live portion of the box set is likely to become a little redundant as 6 of the 19 total songs are shared between the two sets. Regardless, this DVD also contains a couple of bonuses such as ‘“Angels of War” Live At Summer Breeze 2013,’ ‘”Easton Hope” Live At Wacken 2010,’ “”Rites Of Vale” Animated Comic,’ ‘”Masks” Alternative Clip,’ ‘Festival Report 2013,’ ‘EMP/Rockinvasion Interview At Summer Breeze 2013,’ ‘Rock Hard Interview At Bang Your Head 2015,’ and ‘Sons Of Metal Interview In Paris 2014/2015. All in all, these two DVD discs are a solid offering from Orden Ogan, but this is just half of this amazing package!

CD 1 is essentially the Orden Ogan’s “Best of” album. It features 14 of the band’s best tunes from 2008 to 2015. For longstanding fans this isn’t the most attractive part of the package, but for newcomers this is a glorious inclusion as it gives an in depth taste of Orden Ogan’s music through the years, but diehards don’t fret. There’s one last disc and this one is likely to be one of the selling points of the box set.

The final disc in this extensive collection is something to be coveted by collectors and diehard fans – the band’s 2004 ‘Testimonium a.d’ demo. While an excellent collection of 7 tracks, Testimonium might strike a little awkwardly for new fans as the demo had much more folk elements than later albums. Regardless, this seven track demo in its semi-polished glory is an excellent addition to you collection as. Just don’t throw this one on and expect to hear ‘Ravenhead’ era style. Instead, enter this demo with an open mind and understand that this was beginning of Orden Ogan twelve years prior and understand that without it the band might not be where they are today.

Spanning four discs, ‘The Book of Ogan’ is the definitive Orden Ogan experience. From live performances and behind the scenes footage to music videos, the band’s ground breaking demo, and a greatest hits collection this just something you don’t want to miss. Unlike a normal music review, we’re reviewing ‘The Book of Ogan’ on content rather than the music containing within, for this is all previously released music. As such, the only complaint we have is that 6 songs on the live DVD are repeated. Other than that, this is box set is a treasure trove of Orden Ogan goodness. 9/10


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