Opinion – Can Things Be Any Worse for Leaves’ Eyes?

This last week has been a troubled one for fans of Leaves’ Eyes. First the band announced the departure of longtime vocalist, Liv Kristine. Though sad, fans accepted this until Liv’s official Facebook page told a very different story from what the band had published. It’s now well-accepted that Liv Kristine had been fired and the band had already replaced her and done a photo shoot. As expected, fan reaction was a mix of anger and sadness, but in light of recent scuffles with fans on social media, sadness and frustration has given way to red hot anger that has divided the fan base.leaves main.png

Scrolling through the comments on a recent post by Leaves’ Eyes Official, namely a redacted legal document claiming to explain that the split between the band and Liv Kristine was not hostile, revealed an unknown person using the band’s official page to viciously engage with fans that refuse to believe that the band was not plotting behind Liv Kristine’s back to replace her. Given the circumstances of a sudden new singer and a photo shoot, many fans are calling the band boldface liars and even demanding for the band to disband over these allegations. To make matters worse, some fans are inserting themselves into the personal lives of keyboardist, Alexander Krull, and Liv Kristine, which is about as beneficial as throwing gasoline on a forest fire. Of course, for the sake of objectivity, Metal at the Gates will not take an official stance in the ongoing battle between fans and Leaves’ Eyes, or the personal lives of the Krull’s. We will, however, speak on the manner in which the band’s social media representative is speaking to the fans – it is simply unprofessional and childish.leaves 3

While the words exchanged with fans aren’t the nastiest, they do have a tinge of arrogance and disrespect to them. This has led to many fans giving the band digital finger, writing the band off, or having choice words, while others are coming to the band’s defense. Whatever the case, speaking down to your fans is not cool and one thing that caught my eye was that some fans are saying that fans aren’t entitled to anything from the band. As a musician, writer, and actor, I find this absolutely laughable because if there is one truth about the entertainment business it’s that your fans are your money. No fans means you’re working a 9-5 and wishing you were a big success. That being said, don’t take your fans for granted, they can make or break you.leaves 2.pngAs for the ongoing feud between fans and the band, it’s getting out of control, but the fans have every right to be angry. Leaves’ Eyes just declared a North American tour and they have numerous European festivals lined up. These people paid or were going to pay for a show featuring Liv Kristine at the helm. This isn’t to say that Elina Siirala isn’t a good singer, she’s fantastic, but fans want the voice they heard on every single record thus far. That being said, you simply can’t change the face and voice of your band seemingly out of nowhere and expect fans not to raise hell. Of course, there are ways to deal with this. You can simply let them be pissed and move on, but if you absolutely have to engage with your fans you should do it with the utmost respect. It’s never ok to engage them in an unprofessional fashion, especially in a time of crisis – it’s not only counterproductive, it’s damaging to the band’s reputation!

As unfortunate as it is, what’s done is done and whoever is speaking on behalf of Leaves Eyes on Facebook is cutting the band’s throat. Their approach to counteracting fans’ frustrated posts has only served to worsen the problem at hand rather than relieve it. From neutral point of view it would be very wise for Leaves’ Eyes to simply put the matter to rest by disengaging from the issue at hand. By crossing swords with their fans they’ve only hurt themselves and that’s a damn shame. Leaves’ Eyes was more than Liv Kristine, but showing your fans disrespect does you no justice. In fact, by treating your fans like scum you’re simply making it easier for people to side with those that believe Leaves’ Eyes is dead without Liv Kristine.

Like any controversy, the sudden parting of Liv Kristine and Leaves’ Eyes will blow over eventually, but for the time being we’re staring at an uncontrollable wildfire. Nothing short of going back in time and stopping whatever unfortunate event that caused this split to happen will mend the broken hearts of Leaves’ Eyes fans. Of course, two things are going to need to happen if Leaves’ Eyes is going to survive this scandal – they need to treat their fans with respect.

Editor’s note – As time has passed, things have cooled down for Leaves’ Eyes and fans have warmly received vocalist, Elina Siirala.



  1. NIGHTWISH DID THIS SORT OF THING AND THEY ARE NO LONGER SIGNIFICANT AS A PERFORMING ENTITY. Now the sacrifice of yet another beloved above all sirens of metal…..

    On top of of that the utter arrogance from those assholes of the northland? Hmm…..this story has HMS TITANIC written all over it, which as you recall was another northland tragedy and that thing sank like a rock into the icy Atlantic Ocean just as this band is now doing.

    Unlike some outfits in these genres, LIV KRISTINE W-A-S Leaves Eyes. She and Krull cofounded this band which begs the question: HOW ARE YOU FIRED FROM A BAND YOU OWN?

    Meantime, I have cancelled my plans to see them here in the U.S. and have passed the word to everyone else.

    Symphonic & fem metal genres ARE NOT LIKE NORMAL COMMERCIAL MUSIC….they are peoples music. Its in this mindset they must be considered because for the most part this is not over promoted, illuminati owed, high dollar corporate entity controlled outfits; but rather groups of actual people, musicians, and artists.

    Therefore a higher standard of behavior and considerations are called for and indeed EXPECTED.

    Nightwish doing siren murder 2 with Anette Olzon was an all time lowpoint in metal (as if the Tarja one wasnt bottom dweller enough), and yet Leaves Eyes has somehow found this to not only be an acceptible example, but a prefered one. Oh my.

    Oh course lost in this tragic mess is the fact that the new singer will never be heard. It matters not how well she sings. All that matters is that she KILLED OUR BELOVED LIV KRISTINE. That fact will last forever, good luck with that.

    Meantime the entire thing has gone full circle, and indeed its FAREWELL BRAVE MEN.



  2. They claim in the statement that it was all above board and witnessed in January, but like Liv says it is dated in April. Liars! Reminds me when they booted Tarja Turunen out of Nightwish, and not much later, kicked Anette Olzon out of Nightwish for being pregnant. I don’t know, but in this country, firing a woman for being pregnant is discriminatory, and liable to end up in a discrimination lawsuit. Tuomas is a diva anyway. But Liv leaving is a blow. I don’t think fans are gonna accept the new singer so readily.


  3. LIV was cheating on Krull with her THERAPIST of all people. She then moved in with him! Then got engaged to him. Then the therapist wanted to control her professional life and thus Leaves Eyes. That pretty much tore it. So she got the boot. Her replacement is quite nice looking and would make a good wife for Krull imho 🙂


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