Inner Sense – Female Fronted Melodic Metal from Sweden

Forming in 2008 by former bandmates, Jenny Larrson and Markus Sarronlahti, Stockholm’s Inner Sense quickly forged a lineup and began crafting music in a style they describe as “melodic metal with progressive elements,” but many might consider female fronted symphonic heavy metal.

Feeling the need for a name that not only “sounded good, but also gave a hint about what the music would be about,” Inner Sense became the band’s final name. Looking back, the band doesn’t regret the decision, for vocalist Jenny Larrson feels that the name fits well with the lyrical content, saying “the lyrics also have some sort of inner meaning to us in the band, and hopefully to somebody listening.”

In the two years that followed the band’s formation, the band has gone through a few lineup changes, but they’re proud to say that their lineup has not changed since the release of their 2010 extended play.

As for the band’s music, they all claim a love for progressive metal, but also have varying influences, thus giving the band a sound of its own. Lyrically, the band touches on everyday topics, for the Larrson, the band’s main lyricist, is keen on taking inspiration from everything from movies and books to music and life in general. Essentially, the band’s lyrics come about from things “that somehow feel important to us and contains stories that want to be told.”

Certainly not lacking on creativity in their music, the band’s greatest challenge at the moment is dealing with the reality of being an unsigned band struggling to break into the public eye, especially since they lack the financial ability to venture out from the Stockholm area for the time being. But like any serious band, Inner Sense is giving a valiant effort in their quest to become an international touring act and has found their time on the scene “very rewarding and a lot of fun.”

Despite the financial challenges that can push a band to its very limits, Inner Sense is not giving up on their dream and after seven years together released their debut full length ‘Life Sentence’ in 2015.

With a varied background of musical tastes and inspirations, Inner Sense approached the album in a way that would make it approachable for most metal fans without sacrificing their musical vision.

“We just try to be who we are and hopefully people will feel that. We are all music fans ourselves and listen to a lot of different genres, so we try to speak to different audiences in that way by implementing more genres than just “metal” in our music. Music is a huge playground, so we don’t want to limit ourselves if we don’t have to,” says Larrson.

With their debut full length released in September of 2015, the band doesn’t have any new material ready just yet, but they are certainly writing. As for videos, the band has released an official video for ‘Only the Silent’ and a few lyric videos as well.

Without the ability to travel too far a major tour isn’t on the table for Inner Sense at the moment, but the band is keeping its fingers crossed. In the meantime, they’re busying themselves with gigs in their homeland and building their brand. Given the popularity of heavy metal in Europe is only a matter of time. Should you be so fortunate to catch an Inner Sense show at some point, the band says to “expect us to always do our best and to sound as good as we possibly can.”



You’ve read about the band now check them out first hand!


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