Eisenhauer: Ass Kicking Teutonic Metal from Germany

Hailing from Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, Germany, Eisenhauer takes its name from the German words for iron and tusk and stays true to that name with what Christian “Waxe” Wagner (lead vocals/guitar) describes as “ass kicking Teutonic heavy metal!”

Formed in 2007 by Wagner, Simon Bihlmayer (guitar), Thomas “Ase” Aschermann (bass guitar) and Johan Bechteler (drums), Eisenhauer has never suffered a lineup change in its nine year history. This important distinction has allowed the band to go from playing covers of Slayer, Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Pantera to their own original music.  Of course, these bands have played a major role in inspiring Eisenhauer’s sound.

“All the music I listen to for decades influenced me, but my strongest inspiration is this feeling of heavy metal that I have not to give up, keep fighting, to believe in yourself and your music, and to pursue your goal,” says Wagner, who is the band’s primary lyricist. “Through the music I try to handle my demons and keep the flame burning. We are children of the 80´s and are mostly on NWBHM, early thrash metal and hardcore.”

With a powerful and diverse set of inspirations, Eisenhauer certainly lived up to their inspirations, perhaps a little too much, for the band admits that their debut album ‘Never Surrender’ sounded very much like their thrash and groove metal heroes.

“Over the years I have placed more value on vocal melodies and more powerful riffs. Besides, I have more different inspirations,” says Wagner, who also adds that the band didn’t truly develop their “ass kicking Teutonic heavy metal” style until the release of their extended play ‘Horse of Hell.’

Since releasing ‘Horse of Hell’ in 2015, the band has been playing as many gigs as it can get, but major touring is not at the top of their list. Instead, the band is been doing what they can to stand out in the European metal scene in true German fashion.

“The secret of our success is we have the perfect look, the perfect haircut and we use so much pyrotechnics that you can´t see or hear anything of us!” Wagner says with a laugh. “We always do our best. We give you ass kicking metal from the heart and you give us sweat.”

Despite having two releases in two years, the band is not backed by any major label. In fact, Eisenhauer is a completely independent act that either does it themselves or taps a friend to help them out. As such, everything for ‘Horse of Hell’ was done on their own dime and the good will of others.

“The whole EP is a self-production. Of course, we are very proud of our new EP. There’s a lot of work, energy and passion in it. This time we got a lot of help from our friends. Tobias Hieber (Dinosaur Truckers) did a great job with the sound and mix, and we got wonderful assistance in the pictures, the layout and our lyric video for Horse of Hell. Please check out our friend from Mexico, Joel Sanchez Rosales (facebook.com/joeycreationsart). Thank you for the amazing cover artwork!”

Since the release of ‘Horse of Hell’ the band has been hard at work on their next release. Though Wagner prefers the extended play format, it’s likely that the next release from Eisenhauer will be a full length album. As of this writing, the new album is still in its infant stages, but we’re expecting some news in late 2016 or early 2017. In the meantime, fans can rest assured that the new album is going to kick things up a few more notches and the band won’t be twiddling their thumbs between then. Just don’t expect an overseas tour just yet.



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