Enemy of Reality: Greek Symphonic Metal

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Enemy of Reality was formed in 2003 by Iliana Tsakiraki after the parting ways with Meden Agan. Like her previous band, Enemy Reality features soaring operatic vocals and symphonic musical elements, but with a progressive touch.

Rounded out by Steelianos Amirides (guitar), Thanos (bass), Marianthe (keyboards), and Philip Stone (drums), Enemy of Reality quickly got to work on the band after formation, but the music would come later.

“We spent the first few months discussing and planning for the future and we started gathering ideas for a demo track,” says Thanos. “In September 2013 we became more active, recording of our first demo, One Last Try, and launching an Indiegogo campaign. At the same time, we did our first rehearsals and entered the studio with plans to finish our first album by May 2014 and produce the copies by June.”

An ambitious band, Enemy of Reality met their goals and released their debut full length album Rejected Gods on June 30th, 2014. Though symphonic metal by name, the band stands out from the pack with what Steelianos Amirides refers to as “symphonic metal with operatic vocals and progressive elements.”

“We are all very passionate about music and this passion pushed us to work hard and within a tight schedule and achieve what we have so far,” says Thanos in regards to the band’s ability to achieve their goals of releasing their debut album on a set date. “When we started to compose, we never said that we would follow a specific style or try to copy another sound. We did not try to sound different from or similar to other bands. We simply collected and joined all of our ideas to produce a well-balanced sound pleasant to the ears. This is how it all came together and we’re quite satisfied with the result. This is the right way to do it, when you have an open mind and great passion for music.”

But passion alone wasn’t what the only thing that got the album finished on time. Rather, it was dedication and teamwork that helped Enemy of Reality pull off this monumental task.

“We all try to help and get involved in many different tasks, depending on our time and abilities. Considering the journey, the things that should normally be a challenge, like composing, rehearsing or playing, have been a very pleasant ride,” remarks Amirides, who believes the band’s biggest challenge was playing shows outside of Greece, due to their country’s geographical location, rather than recording their debut.

It’s been two years since Enemy of Reality released their debut album and the band has been hard at work touring Europe and building their brand. Along the way the band had to part ways with founding keyboardist, Marianthe, in 2015 due to her decision to pursue classical music studies. Though the loss of a founding member wasn’t easy, the band wishes Marianthe well and has since replaced her with Leonidas Diamantopoulos of Greek melodic death metal outfit, Neperia, whom Amirides refers to as “a great musician with very high-level playing and composing skills.”

With their band at full strength, Enemy of Reality has turned its attention to writing their sophomore effort. After a warm reception from their Greek mythology-driven debut, the band has their work cut out for them on the second time around.

“We can’t wait to reveal his amazing work on our upcoming concept album!” says Stone in regards to Thanos’ lyrics.

“On the first record there was a four track sequence inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Euridice. I can’t reveal right now what the new album will be about, but I can tell you it’ll be based on an ancient Greek myth once again,” Thanos says proudly in regards to his lyrics. “It’s a great source of inspiration since the ancient mythology and list of stories and tragedies is very rich…honestly so many to choose from. If something appeals to us, I try to present it in a fresh way to the listener.

Though the debut album unfortunately did not have any music videos to go with it, the second album most certainly will. Given that the band will be playing Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium this coming autumn, there’s a good chance that the band might unveil a few live videos as well as a traditional music video.

With their new album just months away, Enemy of Reality is slowly turning their attention back to touring. As already stated, the band will play Metal Female Voices Fest, but many more European shows are sure to come once the album is ready to hit the shelves. Unfortunately for American fans, however, the band is not likely to cross the ocean for a tour due to the expenses involved. Of course, the band is not turning its back on fans in the Western Hemisphere by any means. In fact, should the opportunity arise, Enemy of Reality will be first in line to cross the ocean and play the Americas. For the time being, however, you’ll have to fly out to Europe and catch them at a club show or festival. Should you be able to afford this luxury, the band is more than happy to meet their fans and Philip Stone wants to you know that “we love playing our music live, we love our fans, and we give 101% of our energy when we ‘re doing it!”


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