In Somnia: Thrashy Melodic Death Metal from Austria

Formed in the small mountain town of Lienz, Austria in 2013, In Somnia began as a two man metal project called Darkest Mile and consisted of Mathias Girstmair (drums) and Simon Andreas Brunner (vocals and guitar). In time, the project grew bigger than expected and a full lineup was formed with the band’s name changing to In Somnia.

“As we got the full lineup and had written the new material, we changed our name to In Somnia, ’cause we thought that Darkest Mile would sound so pseudo evil,” says Brunner.

Despite their band hailing from all around Austria, including Innsbruck and Vienna, In Somnia steadily crafted their style and eventually came up with a melodic death meets thrash metal sound with hints of classic rock and punk.  Brunner says the punk and classic rock sounds will truly shine in the band’s upcoming record ‘For the Harvest’ as they’ll be using “a lot of diminished and chromatic tone scales, which gives a really dark and strange feeling to the music.”

Regarding the name, the band didn’t simply throw a space into the word “insomnia” in a vain effort to be clever. Instead, Brunner explains the reasoning behind the name in an unexpected way.

“We like the irony that one space changes the meaning to the opposite. In somnia means something like “in dreams” while insomnia is sleeplessness. We use a lot of irony and sarcasm in our lyrics, so that’s why we figured out that this name would fit perfect.”

Showing his punk influences, Brunner puts his social perceptions out in the open with his lyrics for In Somnia.

“I’m that “for risks and side effects do not ask politicians nor bankers” kind of guy, so that’s a big inspiration well that won’t dry out early, in my opinion” says Brunner, but politics aren’t at the heart of the band. “And then there are things like break ups with girls or work and whatever, as well as the loss of friends and family members. So, mainly all negativity that confronts me in life is packed into the lyrics in an exaggerated, sarcastic way.”

In just three years as a band, In Somnia has been working hard on their craft. 2014 saw the release of their debut full length ‘Withered-Frozen-Perished’ and the band hopes to have their second album ‘For the Harvest’ out in the coming months. Of course, like all independent bands, In Somnia has its share of struggles to overcome such as their band being spread out across their homeland.

“The spread over Austria is a challenge when it comes to rehearsals. I mean, Vienna is 500 kilometers away from Lienz, which makes it impossible to practice once a week,” says Brunner, but that’s not the biggest challenge presently facing the band. “There is the whole “pay for play” thing that seems to be popular in the music business for young bands nowadays. Finances in general are a big problem for us as three of us are still studying, so we don’t have the amount of money that bands at our age.”

Despite struggling with limited ability to work, therefore earn cash for the band, as well as the predatory “pay for play” business model taking the club scene by storm, In Somnia is trudging on. Doing everything they can to build up their fan base, the band has invested in promotional opportunities, but most of all, they’re playing as many shows as possible. And though the band has had offers to play the USA, they won’t be crossing the ocean any time soon due finances and school. Regardless, the band is scooping up shows in Central Europe whenever possible.

“Playing live is always an act of art for me, so you can expect an hour of expression and “last day on earth” feeling. I like if guys in front of me bang their heads, get drunk and rape a cactus, so you can expect a brute live performance too,” Brunner says with a laugh.

With numerous shows lined up and a new album coming up, 2016 will certainly be a big year for In Somnia.  Fans can expect a new music video in support of the new album eventually, but the band is a bit tight lipped on what song will be used for the time being. Regardless, In Somnia plans capture the attention of death metal fans the world over with ‘For the Harvest’ later this year.



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