Exenemy: Power Metal from Bangladesh

Coming out of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Exenemy was formed in May 2012 by vocalist Emran Hassan and bassist Akib Sharif.  With a variety of influences from bands like Dragonforce, Dream Theater, Kamelot and Guns N’ Roses, plus classic metal and metalcore, all of their combined tastes form their current power metal sound.

In the last few years, they have been joined by guitarist Shanil Arnab and drummer Shahriar Hassan. Recently, guitarist Ahmed Souren and keyboardist Mashuq Haque joined in as well. Because they have all known each other for a long time, Arnab believes it helped them grow together and why they respect each other’s tastes.

“We’ve been trying out power metal stuff,” said Arnab. “We really don’t know to be fair, but we are sticking to power metal for the time being. Since most of the members in the band are childhood friends, it was easy for us to get hyped about it.”

Since its formation, the group has evolved through different sounds like thrash, heavy, power metal, and metalcore. One trend that has stayed constant through their existence is their name: Exenemy. Though it started as just another cool name, Exenemy eventually came to hold a lot of meaning, holding memories of old times and old members.

Arnab, who is also the main lyricist of the band, said Exenemy’s lyrical inspiration comes from the desire to give “people something to believe in, and showing there is hope in the darkest of hours.”

People will be able to see Exenemy on tour soon, as they are planning to tour after their album is released. Arnab explained that the band’s shows are known for crazy and intense performances — particularly from their vocalist and drummer.

“I guess we like to burn things up, and sometimes literally,” he said. “And definitely our lightning fast shredders, our crazy-ass drummer, and then our vocalist — who is a complete asshole — would make the crowds go nuts.”

With the amount of metal acts there are now, both the performance intensity and the high energy they bring to each Exenemy show combine to help the band stand out from the others.

“We rely on our music, and the way we present it, by having tons of fun I guess,” Arnab said. “Perfection it the best key for us.”

Their dedication to perfection is shown through the band’s work ethic when writing, recording and showcasing their music. According to Arnab, their biggest challenge is in just that: “getting it written, recorded and masses.”

“We just had so little time honestly that we had to stay up nights after nights to finish this,” said Arnab.

Exenemy’s biggest hopes for 2016 are to have their new album out by the end of the year and to put out a music video. Currently, the band is in the studio recording the album. In addition, they plan to get the music video out this year as well, which will be for the first song from the album, ‘MIA.’


Check out the band’s debut EP ‘Overture’


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