Review: Exenemy – Overture EP

Rusty Wings – Opening fast and heavy, this track wastes no time showing its power. Synths echo behind the shredding riffs and thundering drums before a short breakdown that opens the gates to vocalist, Emran Hassan. With a voice like Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica and just as much epic flare, Hassan rounds out a powerful sound. The remainder of the song is driven by unrelenting beats, larger than life guitars and synths, and epic power metal style lyrics.  A stellar bass solo early on, a keyboard solo midway through, and several shreddy guitar solos throughout make for one hell of an opening tune!

Twisted Saints – Something of the black sheep of the extended play ‘Twisted Saints’ is much heavier and darker in tone and atmosphere. Chunky riffs and bits of shredding dominate this song, but the synths are loud and clear, and Hassan’s vocals are bit more adventurous with a deep, dark tone at times, but high and clean for most of the track. The synths really play their part here as they give a gloomy essence to the track that plays to the lyrics quite well.  As for the guitars, the solo work is simply outstanding. This band is too talented!

Victory Serenade – Exenemy took the epic knob and cranked it to 11 with this tune. Opening with some seriously fret bending lead work, this song slowly kicks up the speed with a heavy and somewhat slower rhythm. Once the speed kicks up to the normal pace, the leads get wilder. Once more, a breakdown signals the entrance of Hassan and riffing and synths take command alongside of him. A power metal masterpiece, this track is over the top with its traditional characteristics. The lead work is beyond impressive, the vocals are pleasing to the ear, while the lyrics tell a powerful story, and the song has a strong rhythm. The only real drawback is that the synths are largely hidden through much of the song. When they’re present, however, they add a lot to the song with a firm sense of epic adventure.

Coming in at almost 16 minutes, this is a solid extended play and a fantastic debut for Exenemy. This band is incredibly talented and should they keep the iron hot they’ll go far. Here’s to hoping their upcoming full length picks up where Overture left off. 9/10



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