Suidakra’s Arkadius Antonik Talks about the New Album and the Near Future

Released May 20th, Suidakra’s 12th studio album Realms of Odoric has hit shelves and received critical acclaim from reviewers around the globe. We sat down with vocalist/guitarist Arkadius Antonik to talk about the new album and what Suidakra has in store for the near future.

“The new album is based on an orchestral-illustration project I started back in 2013 with Kris Verwimp. He asked back in 2013 if I wanted to do a project because he had listened to my compositions. When it came time to do a new Suidakra album I thought maybe we should combine these two projects. This one is also based on a story Kris created in a comic book back in the ‘90’s,” says Antonik, who promises that Realms of Odoric is the first in a trilogy of concept albums.

Concept albums are a heavy metal staple and the band does not shy away from them. As such, Suidakra has tailored its compositions to whatever the album calls for. As such, the band has been mislabeled more times than one can count, so Antonik took the time to talk about that subject.

“As Suidakra we are doing metal. When we are writing a new album we don’t think about what kind of metal it is.  We just make it instinctively. When people say it’s pagan or folk metal, I think ok?” says Antonik with a shrug.

“With Suidakra, I just wanted to create heavy music and it changes album to album.”

Having done a concept album on King Arthur, the Roman Empire, and the Picts, among others, Suidakra took a different approach with Realms of Odoric; this album is completely a work of fiction with elements that are rooted in the real world.

“The thing about the new album is that this is all a fantasy story. It’s Kris’ creations, but it all has connections to the real worlds.”

Now that the album is released and fans can begin enjoying the full story beginning to end, Suidakra is looking toward the near future with releasing a new video for the song ‘Braving the End,’ which has the band seeking out a castle for filming in July. As well, the Suidakra is planning on touring in support of the new album.

“After the release we’re going to play a few single shows, like club shows, to see how the new material will work. Then, of course, the summer festivals are next. They’re mostly located in Germany, but our next big plan is to do a European tour. In 2017 we’ll be doing some more shows and touring.”

As of right now Suidakra is heavily focused on touring their native Germany and other European countries, but Antonik does not discount the possibly of Suidakra returning to the United States in the future.

“We’re always planning to come back, but things get a little more difficult for European bands to come over. It’s so expensive to afford a trip to the States. It’s not a question about if we wanted to or not. We really love to come back, but rules change a little bit with the US government, so it’s harder,” says Antonik, but hope is not lost.

“We’re working with Lone Star Management in Texas, so hopefully we can work something out with them. So, cross your fingers and I’ll cross mine.”


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