Review: Burial Ritual – Genocidal Theory

Released in 2015, Genocidal Theory is the third release by Milwaukee’s death metal act, Burial Ritual. In a time where damn near every band is considered death metal in some way, shape, or fashion, this album stands out from the pack saturating the American metal market. While modern death metal is much more focused on technicality and often lacks real substance in terms of musical creativity, Burial Ritual is a shining example of what can be done within the genre if care and passion is infused with the music.

Genocidal Theory is a brutally heavy album, as would be expected, but brings to the table refreshingly old school style reminiscent of Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and Six Feet Under. Vocalist Chris Brooks’s grunting, guttural growls, and high pitched screams give the album a great deal of intensity and character, while the chunky riffs and a steady rhythm section keep things heavy and interesting. One of the best attributes of the album, however, are the screaming guitar solos that seethe groove and thrash metal flair. Together, the chunky riffs, consistent rhythms, deep growls and high screams, and wailing solos give Burial Ritual a unique edge over the competition. And though some might feel that the album suffers from Rush Syndrome (every song sounds the same and seamlessly blends together), dedicated death metal fans will strongly disagree as Burial Ritual does well to keep things fresh track to track. In fact, such an assumption would be completely wrong, for although every song has a high degree of intensity, the music is highly variable with every track bending an established formula of fierce death metal in some way. Least to say, old school death metal fans will love what they hear, but others might not catch the nuances that make this album sing. 8/10


Standout tracks include: Contagion, Inoculated, Raw Exercise of Power, and Genocidal Theory


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