Evig Natt: Dark Metal From Norway

Dark clouds form off the coast of Norway, a storm of no comparison. The clouds roll in as thick as they are high. The storm takes the bright blue sky prisoner from the people who live on the coast and islands. The ocean crashes on the land sending the smell of fresh sea water into the air. The breeze starts to pick up and rustles the trees. It’s the calm before the storm, the kind of storm that bellows for days, a storm that will cast the land into endless darkness; Evig Natt.

Evig Natt means eternal night in Norwegian, which Stein Roger Sund and Kirsten Jørgensen figured for the perfect name for their band. They officially started the band in 2003, but hadn’t settled on a name until 2005. Sund and Jørgensen were talking about the wild storm outside on their little island of Karmøy and how it felt so dark, saying “what if it was always like that, forever.” Both then exclaimed “Evig Natt” and the name stuck.

From there, the two would seek out more help and members. In 2007, Evig Natt was signed to Omvina records. They found friend and future drummer Harald Magne Revheim around that time. The trio would soon head out, play shows, and landed more gigs.

Evig Natt needed two more members, two guitarists to be exact, to fill in the middle ground of their music. Roy Kenneth Hanssen and Ruben Osnes joined shortly after Revheim and the band was complete. But, that did not last too long as Hanssen left shortly after joining due to creative differences. After 2010’s Darkland album released, Evig Natt would find their second guitarist in Arne Marton Tangjerd, thus completing the current lineup.

With their lineup completed, the band would continue to create new songs and perform for a few gigs and festivals. As of recently, they’re working to go out and perform more as they seek to make every performance spectacular for the audience. “However, big or small a budget/venue, we strive to give the audience the show they came for every time” Jørgensen stated. Evig Natt works in tandem with professional lighting, sound, and pyro technicians in order to put on the best show, going as far to have a gig with snow and fire on stage.

The band has a unique style. They dislike labeling it under any one genre, as they take metal, goth, folk, and many more influences, and sew them together to make an elegant style all their own. As such, their music is heavily based on their life and upbringing. Sund and Jørgensen work together on their lyrics and through them are often talking about the sorrows and longings in their lives and the people they love and miss. The band finds it very important that the music must be raw and emotional.

“It’s really important to be emotionally connected to the songs we’re performing. An audience picks up on that straight away.” Jørgensen says.

With the release of their third album Evig Natt, the band has had some new trials and tribulations to overcome. During their time at Omvina records, they found the pressure to produce music at a faster rate that what needed or wanted. So, they sought out to produce and distribute their own work to everyone with their own studio. But, with that price of freedom, comes a cost to their pull in the industry. Without Omvina records, they found it more difficult to contact distributors and magazines for their album. Even with all the different pressures, they still want to release their music to their fans, along with music videos, gigs, and hopefully find a way to have a tour.

The Storm can be a frightening place for most, both at land and sea. The darkness is an unknown place. You could be entering into a world of harm and destruction, or a world of peace and creativity. Whichever you choose to believe in, where will you be when the Evig Natt comes to take your world? Will you shy away from the eternal darkness, running towards the nearest lighthouse on shore? Will you try and outrun the darkness of the storm and find higher ground? Or will you do as Evig Natt did and walk eagerly into the night and embrace it for what it is? Will you survive in this world of Evig Natt; eternal night?



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