Big News from Municipal Waste

Since their formation in 2000, Municipal Waste has been at the forefront of the world’s thrash metal scene thanks to their heavy, honest, wild music.

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Ryan Waste, guitarist and founding member of the band, linked up with Tony Foresta back at the turn of the century. Even though there were a few changes in the lineup in ‘04, the band as it is now has been solid for over ten years.

“I lived in a shitty punk house where anything goes,” Ryan said in an interview at their show at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago. “The good thing that came out of [the house] was the birth of Municipal Waste…that’s when it became a real thing.”

Fans of Municipal Waste will be glad to hear that the band is currently working on their sixth full length album, and if it’s going to be anything like the other five albums the band has blessed us with, Municipal Waste will continue to rule thrash metal for years to come.

It’s been about four years since Municipal Waste has released any music, but for good reason.

“Yeah, it’s been the longest stretch we’ve ever had without putting out a record…but we’ve gotten into the zone,” Ryan said. “We were on the road so much and then we took a break last year…it was really healthy because when we got back together it felt right again.”

The band is recording their sixth album in their hometown and according to Ryan, the band will be, “recording themselves,” with skills they’ve picked up along their career.

Each member contributes to the creative process and according to Ryan, “when we all put our heads together [the music] comes out organically…people who were worried that [the new album] wasn’t going to happen, they can put that to rest.”

The band thrives on their ability to not only put out successful music electronically, but on their live shows which are hard to top. Since the band has been together for over 15 years and has put so much music as one entity, they definitely have their groove figured out and know how to keep you thrashing.

Even though Municipal Waste loves the party and keeping things clean, their new shirt that shows Donald Trump blowing his brains out (which is congruent with prior Waste artwork) has “turned into a statement and we stand behind it.”

Because of their strong and loud music, the band tends to make some political statements like this. Their song “I Want to Kill the President” off of 2003’s Waste ‘Em All referred to Bush’s presidency and was received in a similar manner. And in a time that a lot of people hide their beliefs, Municipal Waste remains honest. This open and honest approach to their music is why the band has earned so much respect from the metal and punk community throughout the years and interest in the next album is at an all-time high.


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