The Conduit: Fast Rising Djent Metal From California

Based in Fullerton, California, The Conduit has an extensive list of influences. However, right now the band is listening to Periphery, Tesseract, Intervals, Protest the Hero, and Veil of Maya. Currently made up of musicians Jeff Bobbin, Charles Camisa, Mahlek Lawrence, and Wes Roman, though the line-up isn’t yet settled, the band’s progressive metal and djent style translates easily between players.

“Thankfully the music just gets tabbed out and is learned by proficient musicians,” says Bobbin. “It can be challenging, but overall it’s straight forward and works out well when performed live.”

The band was first formed when Bobbin moved home to Orlando, Florida from Boston, after he finished school in Berkley. He wrote and recorded in his parent’s garage and later found local jazz musicians from Rollins College to help him perform it live.

Bobbin came up with the band name as a way to describe how his ideas and work flow through him to form the music he creates.

“The Conduit is something I came up with when feeling as if many of my musical ideas are channeled rather than learned and regurgitated,” he said. “Many musicians might feel like their concepts come from an etheric place.”

As the main lyricist of The Conduit, Bobbin is currently looking towards The Black Dahlia Murder, Shakespeare and Napoleon Hill for inspiration. One thing Bobbin keeps in mind as he works is to not seek validation from those around him. Instead, he would rather focus on the music he is creating and the work he is putting into it.

“The objective is to just keep moving, evolving, and getting shit done,” he said. “There isn’t enough time to worry about what people think or whether they appreciate the gravity of what The Conduit is trying to achieve musically. I am grateful when people understand and enjoy the music, but never flattered, just as I am never offended when people have objections towards The Conduits music.”

As a world tour is being planned for the near future, fans can expect great lights and musical performances filled with energy and passion. Even “the occasional roundhouse kick to the face” if in the mosh pits.

Bobbin also explained that The Conduit isn’t concerned with being competitive with the other metal acts out there.

“The Conduit comes from a place of pure creativity and individuality,” he said. “I respect every band out there and I’m grateful for them. The Conduit naturally gains a following by me simply working hard without ceasing, and doing my own thing.”

The band’s major challenge in getting the music out to the people is balancing day jobs and the band. Having just quit his day job, Bobbin is now focused on getting the music out to the world.

The biggest challenge with getting it to the masses is responding to the enormous amount of feedback in a responsible manner,” said Bobbin. “You want to make sure all your fans feel heard and that you are attainable and approachable to them.”

With a music video out and a new album expected to be announced later this summer, The Conduit is looking towards the latter half of 2016 with high hopes.

“It’s a massive one, filled with many different musical concepts,” Bobbin said. “The Conduits album ‘MONARCH’ is going triple platinum. One Magazine scoffed at this, but we have a secret weapon. So expect something huge.”



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