Review: Soul Dissolution – Pale Distant Light

Coming from Belgium, Soul Dissolution is a two man black metal act that should not be overlooked as just another drop in the black metal pond. With their latest album, ‘Pale Distant Light,’ Soul Dissolution was able to hauntingly transport me to what felt like a dream. The eerie, melodic guitar riffs are what maintain the dream-like quality, while also subtly hinting that this dream might actually be a nightmare. It isn’t until singers, Jabawock and Acharan, start growling and singing that you fully realize that you are, in fact, in a nightmare. Of course, not all songs are nightmarish. ‘Anchor’ stands out with a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere driven by clean guitars and a gorgeous piano melody, especially at the end. Keeping up with the melodic end of the album, ‘Immanence of Unfulfillment’ is a two minute long track lacking in vocals, but highlighted by melodic guitar and piano. The very next track goes back to the nightmarish black metal, but is succeeded by another mellow track giving you the feeling that you’re walking a path cutting through Hell and Purgatory and back again.

A great album front to back, I would highly recommend to anyone looking for something that is both melodic, and yet can still be put on for a long car ride jam session.  And though it’s easy to say every song is a standout track, the very best are ‘And Every Single Step,’ ‘Anchor,’ ‘Immanence of Unfulfillment,’ and ‘Sweetness Dies,’ the last of which is an October Tide cover. 10/10


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