Review: Divine Chaos – A New Dawn in The Age of War

Hailing from Slough, Berkshire, England, Divine Chaos made their full length debut in 2014 with the appropriately named ‘A New Dawn in The Age of War.’ Living up to the name, this album is 47 minutes of ready-to-fight music in the vein of Slayer, for the aggression is second to none. The guitars wailing throughout the album sound both like a call to arms and a warning to all those who dare to stand in opposition, while the drums share the same menacingly fast tempo set by the guitars throughout the album. Musically, this album is highly diverse with a heavy focus on riffing, shredding, and chugging bass. In fact, with such a strong instrumental presence I felt as though the vocals fell short in comparison, though lyrically they excelled. Thus, as I listened to the album I found myself focusing in on the melody of the guitars above all else. And while this was a pretty solid album, the breakout tracks include ‘Perpetual War Policy,’ ‘Rivers of Blood,’ and ‘Death Toll Rising.’ Honestly, this is a solid blend of thrash and melodic death metal. You should definitely consider giving it a listen.  8/10


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