Brock Betz Band: The Next Big Thing in Instrumental Hard Rock

Formed in spring of 2014, Brock Betz Band is a hard rock instrumental group from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Led by guitarist, Brock Betz, the band has quickly gained traction in the American Midwest thanks to Betz’s incredible guitar playing as well as the technicality of his band.

Originally consisting of Betz on guitar and Cody Johnson on drums/bass, the band eventually recruited Jeremy Welch through a Craigslist ad after the need for a full time bassist became a priority. With a complete trio, the band began considering recruiting a singer, but it was eventually decided upon that band was best an instrumental unit.

“What’s awesome about instrumentals is it affords us to be a little bit different from the fray. It lets us stick out,” says Betz in regard to never adding a singer into the mix with Welch adding, “Everyone you talk to gives good feedback. Oh, I love this song, I love this solo, I love driving to it. You kind of create your own theme to what’s going on and that’s the freedom of it.”

Not long after cutting their first album Johnson left the band for a job opportunity and was replaced by Max Geliche. Though a talented drummer, Geliche didn’t start right away, for Betz wanted his new drummer to debut with a bang. As such, Betz recruited a temporary drummer to fill in while Geliche learned the material. When Geliche was ready, he joined the Brock Betz Band full time and there have been no lineup changes since.

Since forming the current, and hopefully final, lineup Brock Betz band has been working hard on their second album. A visit to the band’s practice space revealed the band to be far along on their new album’s development. And though the band is named for Betz, all three members play an equal part in the writing of the music.

“That’s the cool thing. Everyone puts in an input on a particular song. He’ll do that and I’ll come in and it just kind of takes over,” says Betz, but he stresses that everyone has to come to an agreement. “It’s gotta be music we’re all comfortable playing. I mean, we’re not a death metal band. Can we play death metal? Yeah, for like 30 seconds, then we get tired. Can we play jazz? Hell yeah. That’s the thing with our band, we’re real eclectic in the things we do musically…It’s a totally different ball game. The next record won’t sound anything like the record we’re doing right now.”

When asked what the inspiration was behind the new album Geliche jokingly said “Two middle fingers flying high,” and after a laugh Betz stepped in to explain where the album was coming from in terms of inspiration.

“We’re not sticking to any one style. I guess the inspiration is to put something out there that will give people happiness,” says Betz with Welch adding that his hope is that the album will be “something they’ll want to listen to over and over again” and “not something they’ll listen to once and throw in the backseat.”

Watching the band play some of their new material including a track called ‘Roll with the Tides,’ there’s no doubt that the new album will be a hit, especially with the standout play style of Betz and his band. So, when is the new album due out and how many tracks will be on it? According to Betz they have eight tracks in all and are hoping for a fall release, though no date has been set.

Fall is still a few months away, so the band are keeping themselves busy in the studio, but not so busy that they won’t be playing shows. Booked to play the biggest music festival in the Midwestern USA, Brock Betz Band will be playing the Rebel Music Stage at Summerfest on July 5th. In addition, they will be playing Locofest Algona in Algona, Iowa on August 12th and the 1st annual Metal at the Gates Shredfest at the Metal Grill in Cudahy, Wisconsin on August 19th. Beyond that, the band will continue preparing their next studio album while continuing to expand the Brock Betz Band’s band by playing their comfort zones such as Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Fort Atkinson. Of course, one of the biggest goals is to start branching out into new territory such as Chicago. Least to say, Brock Betz Band is a hard working band and with any luck they’ll be coming to a city near you.




  1. Unless the new ‘album’ is light-years ahead of what the material on his web page sounds like, I’d not expect much. With cats like Lyden Moon, Buencamino, Schmitt, and the like still tearing it up and putting out quality material, you have your work more than cut out for you.


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