Review: Doro – Strong and Proud 30 Years of Rock and Metal

It’s been over 30 years since Doro Pesch broke out onto the German metal scene with her original band, Warlock. In the decades that have followed Doro has become a symbol of metal, a queen if you will, and a household name around the world. She has released 16 albums, toured the world several times over, and appeared on countless other albums. Doro’s legacy as a metal frontwoman is uncontested, so to celebrate her belated 30th anniversary, she’s put together the ultimate Doro package – ‘Strong and Proud – 30 Years of Rock and Metal.’

A multi-format package, ‘Strong and Proud’ is the ultimate celebration of all things Doro and comes as a three DVD or two Blu Ray set, which includes 61 individual live performances from Doro’s 2015 Russian tour, Rock Hard Festival 2015, and all three of Doro’s 30th anniversary shows at Wacken Open Air, Rock Night, and Classic Night. To make this package all the sweeter, Doro is joined on stage by many metal greats such as Blaze Bayley, Udo Dirkschneider, Chris Boltendahl, Eric Fish, Joakim Brodén, Lordi, Sabina Classen, Biff Byford, Hansi Kürsch, and even neo-medieval act Corvus Corax.

Included in the DVD and Blu Ray editions is the documentary ‘Behind the Curtain, Inside the Heart of Doro,’ a two hour documentary, which gives fans an inside look at the world of Doro. For the truest of Doro fans, 14 tracks from the live shows are available separately on CD and digital formats. These offerings include some of the best Doro and Warlock tracks, and include covers of Accept’s ‘Balls to the Wall’ and Iron Maiden’s ‘Fear of the Dark.’

As an added bonus for collectors an earbook and a black ‘Strong and Proud’ 2LP in gatefold are available. In addition, mail order yields further benefits for collectors as the previously mentioned 2LP is available in blue or silver rather than black, and the earbook comes with a commemorative tote bag.

With over sixty live performances and a documentary all compiled in one DVD or Blu Ray package, a 14 track live album available in CD, digital, or vinyl, and an earbook, this is the ultimate Doro package. Some might cry foul that this isn’t all combined as one package rather than sold piecemeal, but that’s a non-issue for most fans. Not everyone likes live albums over a live DVD, or vice versa, and we all have our preferred media formats, so breaking it all up into different formats was a good call. Overall, this is a stellar collection and the perfect entrance for metal fans new to Doro and a real treat for longtime fans. As of this writing the buying the CD and DVD or Blu Ray will run you between $50 and $70, while buying digital will cut those prices by about $15. Honestly, whichever formats you choose you’ll be damn glad you bought this amazing package. This is one for the ages. 10/10


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