Review: Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional

When a band’s been around as long as Hatebreed it’s expected for fan’s to become unnerved at what sound the new album will have. Wipe your brows Hatebreed fans you have nothing to fear. ‘The Concrete Confessional,’ which comes in as the band’s seventh studio album, is a merciless beat down following in classic Hatebreed tradition. If you’ve been following the band since ‘Perseverance,’ or ‘Rise of Brutality,’ then you’ll know what to expect.

‘The Concrete Confessional’ is comprised of 13 bludgeoning tracks, coming in at a fleeting 33 minutes. Only one of the 13 tracks clocks in at over three minutes, which is expected of this genre. The album starts off with ‘A.D.,’ which is Jasta’s ode to the current state of America and the corrupt system that embodies it. It’s a blistering track, leaning heavy on the thrash side of the band. ‘Looking Down the Barrel of Today,’ is a ferocious offering that all Hatebreed fans expect. It effortlessly transitions from classic sounding riffs to rhythmic, melodic perfections, and exemplifies the band’s sound. In comes the chugging, breakdown laced ‘Seven Enemies.’ Slower in comparison, this one hits home with Jasta’s “I’ve had enough” lyrics, which has become a staple for every album. Rounding out the first four tracks is ‘In the Walls’, an absolute beast, the ‘Doomsayer’ of the album. It’s the perfect reminder as to why Hatebreed sits atop the hardcore genre. It’s short, to the point, and brutal. Beyond these four tracks all of the established Hatebreed sound is on full display. Jasta’s vocal hooks are tailor-made for live performances and will have listener’s banging their heads for the seventh time, while the guitars and rhythms will drive you insane. 8/10


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