Meth Mouth – New York Hardcore Fighting Towards the Top

Hailing from Syracuse, New York, Meth Mouth is a “metal-inspired hardcore” outfit formed in May 2015 by five musicians with a taste for heavy music looking to start a band. After a couple of weeks of talking and finally coming together for a jam session Meth Mouth was born. So, where the hell did that name come from?

“Brandon thought up the name,” says guitarist, Jordan Riesel. “And because we all liked it, it stuck. It has as much meaning as the name Meth Mouth could have.”

Armed with a catchy name befitting of a hardcore band, Riesel and his compatriots Brandon DiFabio (vocals), Matthew Witter (guitar), Jon Fleischmann (bass), and Kyle Rivers (drums) have crafted a sound all of their own.

“Pretty much we play the music we like to hear. We each come from unique backgrounds as far as what we listen to, so what we end up writing reflects the styles we enjoy,” says Riesel, who says the band’s biggest inspiration is “late night frustration with life,” especially when it comes to DiFabio’s lyrics.

A few months beyond a year as a band, Meth Mouth is proud to have never shifted its lineup despite the frustration of struggling to line up consistent band practices. Fortunately, the band lives in one space making practicing much less hectic. As a result, the band has already released two extended plays with their latest, ‘Life Vice,’ hitting the street this last April through Voodoo Records. And despite the rapid speed of these releases the band hasn’t run into problems greater than making sure they’re satisfied with their work.

“We don’t want to release music we aren’t happy with, so we’ve scrapped many song ideas before settling on songs we want to release,” says Riesel. “Recording has always been pretty painless.”

A hardworking band that doesn’t let anything hold them back, Meth Mouth has been blazing a lot of trails in their quest to get their name out to the world and blow your mind. As such, they’ve recently come off their first major in which they joined Grim State and Artisan on the road. In the past, however, they’ve done short weekend tours with the likes of Trench Fight, Misgiver, and Bungler. Currently, they’re locked in for another couple of tours. July will see them hit the road with Concrete before joining Turncoat and Gator King in August. As expected, the band has even more plans to follow the summer, but nothing is set in stone just yet. So, what about the band’s live show?

“The biggest inspiration towards our live show is making sure that it’s not the same experience as listening to our CD. We play with tempo changes and transitions between songs to ensure that it’s a unique take on our material,” says Riesel.

Even with a busy touring season ahead of them, Meth Mouth is hardly taking a moment to rest between releases. Currently, the band is writing material for their next release, which is very likely to come out in early 2017, if not late 2016 when considering the speed of which the band can write and master its material. In the meantime, fans can sink their teeth into the band’s debut music video, ‘Crooked Spine,’ which was released through Lambgoat on June 10th.



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