Hater: A Two-Man Italian Deathcore Outfit

Stretched between the Italian regions of Apulia in the southeast and Lombardy in the north, Hater is a deathcore act without a true home base. Regardless, the band has worked hard and is achieving its dreams. But how did the band begin?

“I started this project back in September 2014.  The main idea at that time was to create a one-man-band and play the heaviest and darkest music possible,” says founder and multiinstrumentalist,“ says Simone Pietroforte. “So I started to write and record the first songs in my personal studio…trying to combine the classic elements of deathcore with other influences from genres as doom and black metal.”

About a month into the project Pietroforte had a couple of songs finished, but felt something was missing. That missing link turned out to be a singer with “some sick vocals.” This led to the recruitment of Texas natives Thomas Hansard and Jeffery Main. With these vocalists at the helm of his project Pietroforte unleashed Hater’s debut extended play ‘Navel String,’ which was heavily influenced by the American deathcore scene but with a more downtempo style, which has become the band’s signature.

Not long after the release, Main and Hansard both left the band. Fortunately, this wasn’t the end of the project, for through Facebook Pietroforte was able to recruit fellow Italian, Davide Aroldi, as the new vocalist.

With the recruitment of Aroldi the management of the project become much easier than before due to a single timezone. As a result, the project began to evolve and by the release of their latest album ‘Reqiuem Aeternam,” Pietroforte had begun to incorporate new sound elements that  are more commonly found in black and doom metal.

Despite being in one country the two members of Hater are on opposite ends of their country and are around nine hours apart. As such, the band is an “internet band” and doesn’t play shows for the time being, though this might be permanent. Without live shows to spread awareness of their music the band has to utilize the internet far more than the normal band. One of their biggest allies in their promotional campaign is Chugcore, a non-profit company specializing in the promotion of hardcore music.

Dedicated to simply making music and being heard, Hater is fighting an uphill battle that’s been made a little easier in some aspects by the ever changing way we discover and listen to music. With any luck Hater will continue making music and earn themselves a cult following in their native Italy and beyond.



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