Review: Constance – Sentient Single

Metalcore is genre that often fails to impress me these days. So many bands take up the style and jump into an overcrowded metal scene. Every now and then a band will take this style and not only improve but make it their own. One such band is Wausau, Wisconsin’s Constance.

Though they bill themselves as a progressive/metal/post-rock, there sound is best described as a blending of metalcore breakdowns, scream/clean vocals, and chunky riffs with progressive metal’s deep lyrics and wailing lead guitar. It’s with this fresher approach that Constance proves that there’s room to stand out in this genre, especially with their new track ‘Sentient.’

So what’s so good about this song? Well, it’s a lot of things but let’s start with vocals. The snarly screamer not only has a pretty awesome voice but is easy to understand, which is a major plus since the lyrics are quite deep. The addition of emotionally driven clean vocals only serves to build on this track’s soul. The use of chugging riffs, heavy bass, and strategic breakdowns make this track all the better, but the most standout aspect is the effects-driven lead guitar. Overall, each layer of this track blends extremely well and stands as a high point of the genre. Here’s to hoping for a full length album.  8.5/10



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