Review: Hammer Fight – Profound and Profane

Returning with their third album, ‘Profound and Profane,’ New Jersey natives, Hammer Fight, bring with them an album of hard hitting, fast paced tracks. Thrown in for a touch of variety is ‘Low & Broken,’ whose intro seems to draw inspiration from the blues genre. This twelve track album is a 45 minute ass kicking as singer Drew Murphy screams all his problems at you while guitarists, Todd Stern and Dan Higgins, send melodic wails screaming out from their guitars.

Of the songs on the album, my favorite song is “Low & Broken.” Through the lyrics Murphy tells the story of a man down on his luck in, what I interpreted as, a bar when he sees a beautifully dangerous woman and feels the urge to be with her. In the chorus of the song, Murphy sings “Well, I know that I just shouldn’t be here, and I know I should run away, but I got this sin in the palm of my hand if I stay.” The story in the lyrics of this song stand true to the fact that sometimes what we want isn’t always what’s good for us.

Some other songs that caught my attention were, “Picking Up Change,” “Target Acquired,” “Gods of Rock n’ Roll,” “West Side Story,” and “The Crate.”

Blending the gnarly riffs of thrash, the hard rocking force and gruff vocals of Motorhead, and the devil may care attitude of punk, Hammer Fight has blown this one out of the water. As a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed this album and was left wanting more. 10/10


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