Jungle Rot: Juggernauts of the Midwestern Death Metal Scene

In 1992, the state of Wisconsin played host to the dawning of an abomination. This wasn’t the rebirth of Ed Gein but it still held the potential to spread terror throughout the Midwestern United States. Emerging from the abyss of Kenosha, a band calling themselves Jungle Rot decided to pick up some guitars and scare the neighbors. The amount of subgenres that clutter current day metal has become hard to keep track of. Sometimes I think people just make up categories, but at this point, what’s the difference? For this band, we won’t need the dictionary; it’s pure and undiluted death metal. The beautiful thing about Jungle Rot is that they’ve never wasted time philandering with different sounds or styles of metal. Straight death metal is the plan and the plan is good.

With 2015’s ‘Order Shall Prevail’ staking claim as the 9th studio album, Jungle Rot has been through copious amounts of lineup changes. In 2005, Dave Matrise (guitar/vocals) found two decisive members that would help validate Jungle Rot with Chicago natives Jimmy ‘Doomed’ Genenz (bass) and Geoff Bub (guitar). With these recruits a stranglehold of savagery began to tighten quickly. With all three contributing to the writing process, the improved Jungle Rot began assembling a new album

Enter a determined, new version of Jungle Rot, and 2006’s ‘War Zone’. Let me be perfectly clear, these guys aren’t fooling around, there’s no warming you up, they romp on your throat immediately. Track 1, ‘Victims of Violence,’ comes soaring out of the gates with a double bass eruption. The entire song is hemorrhaging with the classic death metal sound, as is the rest of the album. Transitions from heavy riffs to harsh breakdowns seem effortless and make for crushing songs. With ‘War Zone’ affirming the new lineup as a success, it was time for people to hide their children.

A decade together, the current lineup has released a torrent of death metal togeth. In 2015, they were at it again ‘Order Shall Prevail.’ I’ll remind you again, Jungle Rot does not leave you in suspense, so be prepared. ‘Doomsday’ leads listeners into a 33 minute slaughterhouse, proving their stranglehold is actually a death grip. If you like classic, traditional sounding death metal, Jungle Rot is a band you should give a listen to. Max Cavalera makes an appearance on track 4, ‘Fight Where You Stand,’ which is one of the best songs on this album. Track 8, ‘E.F.K’, the shortest song on the album at 2:24, but it tears the house down. It’s an impressive offering and could leave fans maimed in the pit. When bands like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, and Deicide are talked about, so should Jungle Rot. If you like it brutal, you’ll like Jungle Rot.


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