Towering Abomination: A New Force in Brutal Death Metal

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Towering Abomination has been brutally slaying the scene with their take on brutal death metal since their formation in 2014.

After drummer Nick Bradshaw and guitarist Steve Schmidt made their side project a full-fledged force by joining forces with bassist Scottie Lyles and vocalist Gus Thome, it wasn’t long before they put out their first EP and started playing shows only a year later.

Not only does the group grab inspiration from bands like Cytotixin, Dying Fetus, Lividity, and Immortal, the band also finds inspiration for their lyrics from “horror movies, cows and whales getting revenge, [and] eating your own sh*t,” according to Bradshaw. Now that’s metal.

Like any band, Towering Abomination has faced some challenges, but their “biggest challenge for awhile was solidifying a live lineup and finding dependable members beyond Steve and Nick,” Bradshaw said.

Thankfully the group found their groove and took the stage loudly with their “brutality and intensity” along with “entertaining stage banter,” which we can’t promise won’t include some “masturbation jokes.”

While Towering Abomination enjoys humoring their audience, do not mistake this for child’s play, because the group knows how to put their heads together and put out some seriously heavy music. As such, the band put out their debut self-titled album in May with Twin Town Tyrant Records.

Bradshaw said, “The greatest challenge of really putting our album out is really just grinding the songs out at practice three to five times every week, writing and re-writing over and over until the songs are good enough, and then re-writing again until they are better.” Least to say, Towering Abomination is dedicated to perfecting their music and their hard work has scored them some big shows.

Plan your summer around seeing these guys live at Chicago Domination Fest on July 29th, Eat Your Face Metal Fest in Sioux Falls, SD on August 6th, and Project Mayhem in Rhinelander, WI on August 14th. Along with these dates, the band is currently working on a tour “that is being planned for October 2016,” according to Bradshaw.

Also, check out Towering Abomination’s music video for their song “Where’s My Skin?” that was released on YouTube this year.

And what’s the bands biggest hope for this year? Bradshaw said it’s “to expand our reach and slam into new territory wherever possible” and we don’t expect anything less.



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